Illinois Theater, Macomb, Illinois
Replacing Chandler Hall, the Chandler Theatre opened in 1912, then renamed the Illinois Theatre in 1918. Moved once and remodeled four times since, including a twinning of the theater in the late 70s, the Illinois was last operated by Kerasotes Theatres. It closed in 2004, and reopened in March 2008 as the Forum, a nightclub, concert venue, and banquet hall...

Due to the rising popularitly of movies, Chandler's Hall in the upper floor of the Opera House Building on the NW corner of the Macomb, Illinois square, became the Chandler Theatre in 1912. In 1918, soft drink bottler Harry Elwell and local lawyer Andrew L. Haniline bought it, redecorated and refurnished it, and renamed it the Illinois Theatre. A Douglas Fairbanks movie - "His Majesty the American", was the first film shown upon reopening in 1919. As a promotion to bring in new customers, Hainline and Elwell were able to arrannge the local filming of a comedy short Macomb Adopts a Baby, which premeired in late October. By year's end, Elwell sold his interest on Hainline.

Following a New Year's Day fire in 1925, Hainline completely remodeled the Illinois and moved it downstairs and installed a sound system. With a lighted dome in the ceiling and seating for 800, it became Macomb's preeminent movie house for decades. In 1935, Hainline once again remodeled the Illinois to manintain his competitive edge. The exterior was redone with a contemporary neon marque and glass doors. The interior featured a new lobby, lounge and balcony, as well as new seating and decorative accents. Hainline would own the Illinois Theatre as well as the Lamoine Theatre (which he purchaed in 1936, many years later known as The Lark), until his death in 1942.
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