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Found out today that David Newby died over the weekend.


Our lives went separate ways after college, with very little contact for the last 33 years. But before that, we made it through Terry, Atwell, and (along with Rick) Carter and Tech. We had adventures that still make me laugh. We irritated the crap out of each other, and didn't speak to each other for long periods of time. We lived at each other's houses. He was my Best Man when Cathy and I married. In a powder blue tux.


One day, I think in early high school, we went to his garage and got this raw piece of silver and some of his dad's tools, and fashioned this cross. Well, Dave actually made it. He made himself one too. I wore it pretty much 24/7 until the leather broke sometime in graduate school.


So, Dave, I'm holding the cross, listening to a little Shawn Phillips, and remembering trestle jumping, road work machines at 3 am, and standing up through the sun roof of the VW on our way home from school. Tonight, a very cold DP will be consumed in your honor.




And say hello to Matt for us.


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Taken on September 15, 2010