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Kaleidoscope | by shutterbug_uk2012
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Who can say when the roads meet

That love might be in your heart

And who can say when the day sleeps

If the night keeps all your heart

Night keeps all your heart


Only Time- Enya


Some life events remain deeply embedded in our souls. Maybe it's the first day of school- being dropped at the gates with your lunchpack knowing that nothing would ever be the same again. Or maybe it's the birth of a child. Or the first time you were kissed by someone who wasn't a relative*. For all of us, certain snapshots of our lives are filed away in our own personal photo album locked in some deep recess in our minds. And just occasionally, one of these images unexpectedly slips out - for instance this morning I was in the shower and the song "Africa" came on the radio- maybe not a classic but I was instantly transported back to that morning near Lake Malawi - heating water in the pre dawn light on an open fire


But when our time on this planet draws to an end- as we sputter out our last breath, the lock will finally unlatch and spill a thousand tiny Polaroid images through our dying consciousness.


And now I have another one to add to this collection. Of all the things I've wanted to see over the past five years of photography, this is it. The northern lights in all their spectacular glory. And yes, I know all the scientific theory- charged particles spat out by our sun until they collide with the atmosphere etc etc. And that's great but it's really hard not to be spiritually moved the first time you see them for yourself. To revert to a time when we believed in gods and demons.


It was all I could do not to strip off my clothes and paint my face to be honest.


*geographic restrictions apply


Technical: Nikon D850, Nikkor 16-35mm at 16mm, f/4, ISO 1600. 8.9 seconds. Moon used as an infinity focus aid. Gitzo GT3532LS, FLM CB48 II head. This is my first attempt at an aurora shot so apologies for not being technically very good..


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Taken on March 22, 2018