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steetley light (Explore #1) | by shutterbug_uk2012
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steetley light (Explore #1)

I used to think that light was just light. That sunset was pretty much the same as sunrise, only at a more socially acceptable hour. But since taking up photography, I’ve discovered what most of you already know- that is, the quality of light is very different at either end of the day. And this presents a problem, you see- because the light is so much softer and pleasing before the sun has had a chance to fizz up the atmosphere, it means that I have to get up far too early now. And I’m not keen on that.


So what better idea than to stay in a country pub near one of my favorite old industrial piers at Steetley? A nice meal, an early night and then a relatively civilised 6am start. Ok, the walk through a darkened tunnel and across the broken ground of a disused industrial works before emerging onto a freezing, windswept shoreline may not be how some people would choose to spend a Sunday morning but to me it promised to be heaven.


Or it would have been had I not left my coat in the bar the night before. A bar which was now locked until the pub opened for breakfast at 8am. That wouldn’t normally present too much of a problem except that it was frosty with a bitterly cold easterly wind.


So I had a choice- I could abandon the shoot and just go back to bed for a few hours, which I admit was incredibly tempting. Or I could hunt around the car when I got there for any other item of clothing to put over my T-shirt to keep warm.


So, let me ask you this. Just bear with me here for a moment. Let’s say that for some reason you found yourself completely lost on a deserted stretch of road near a disused Magnesium works at 630am on a dark, freezing morning. It could easily happen, right?


In this situation, would you


a )look at your map application on your phone and follow the directions. Or maybe even call a taxi.




b) knock on the window of a car with a guy sitting there in nothing but his jeans and wellies with a pile of discarded clothes on the back seat.


No, I wouldn’t either. And the bizarre thing is, he didn’t bat an eyelid at my state of undress.


He did, however have a very nice coat on…….. :-)


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Taken on November 12, 2017