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afterglow (Explore #1) | by shutterbug_uk2012
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afterglow (Explore #1)

You can't handcuff the wind

If you try you're gonna fail

It's like tryina put thunder in jail

You can't handcuff the wind!

You can't handcuff the wind- Richard Thorncroft.


I love these old fishing huts perched along the banks of the Gironde. I love their organic construction and the way in which the seemingly random array of posts and wires somehow withstand the powerful tidal surges to the west of Pauillac. You won't find any computer aided design here. No 3D renderings set to the gentle strains of some carefully chosen musical score. No perfectly aligned timbers. And no designer using the expression "in a construction that aims to echo real world phenomena, how far does one dare to stray from nature's template".


No- there's none of that. You just know instead that the template for these fishing huts is based on several bottles of Bordeaux and a pack of Gauloises. And that the crossmembers are fashioned from a discarded kitchen table. And that's brilliant you see because these fishing huts are in fact subject to very stringent local building regulations. But just look at it-can you really imagine it passing inspection in Britain? Can you imagine the man from the council with his fun sponge and laminated clipboard applauding the fact that you've just built something that looks...well, wonky.


And I was trying to explain this concept to our French hosts who owned the renovated 11th century property that we had rented. To express my gratitude that this sort of architectural joie de vivre was still encouraged. But it was difficult. You see, the same spirit of expressiveness that allows these beautiful constructs to exist, was also apparent in our hostess's choice of art work adorning the stone walls. Art work which was somewhat specialist in nature. And involved herself.


And meeting someone's eye in this context while searching for the expression "I really like how things are made over here" would have been ........ well, you know.


So sit back and enjoy the fiery sunset as the dying embers of the day cast their warm glow over the timbers and swirling waters of the Gironde. Celebrate- freedom of expression and can't handcuff the wind.


Technical: Nikon D810, Sigma 24-105mm f/4 DG OS HSM Art at f/11, 55 seconds, ISO 64. 6 stop ND filter as a base with 0.9 soft grad for the sky. Gitzo GT something or other. Cable release.


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Taken on August 29, 2016