• Easiest head in a while!
  • Trenchcoat by MMCB
  • Ever try cutting a decal this small? It's not fun.
  • I made a casting of the front of Batman's mask out of Milliput, then made molds out of the cast (also out of Milliput) and distorted them while still pliable. Lots of sanding later (and a few broken casts), plus a strip of paper glued behind.
  • Black Batman cape, with fabric transfer
  • you should try gilderoy lockheart hair. - Duckinator hunter

DC Hero Minifigs - Wave 11

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Superman (from Red Son - an Elseworlds story where the rocket ship lands in the USSR), The Question, Batwoman, Booster Gold, and Geoforce.

I don't want to make Batwoman's bloody mask again any time soon. Or Booster's torso for that matter.

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  1. billbobful 56 months ago | reply

    Awesome figs! DC FTW!!! The Question and Batwoman are amazing! Batwoman's mask is a little lopsided, but it doesn't distract from the natural beauty of these though! I usually don't like paper decals, if that's what you use, but you pull it off really well!

  2. AntonLego [deleted] 56 months ago | reply

    Omfgomfgomfogmfogmofmgf i love this!!! I love question and booster gold. :Dddd

  3. ryffranck029 56 months ago | reply

    Excellent customs!

  4. Collin Harvey 56 months ago | reply

    You should give Booster Gold this hairpiece. Still looks freakin' awesome, I love all your work here.

  5. levork 56 months ago | reply

    Great suggestion, thanks!

  6. j-spears 56 months ago | reply

    Very nice work.

  7. .GMan 56 months ago | reply

    Red Son Superman is gorgeous.

  8. Geoshift 56 months ago | reply

    As usual, impressive work Levork. Batwoman is my favorite of the bunch.

  9. akcultfiction 56 months ago | reply

    batwoman looks great, love the mask!!!!!

  10. Shobrick 56 months ago | reply

    Amazing, lov them all ! Espacialy the question, il lov the color combo and coat...

  11. tinyguy712 52 months ago | reply

    Do you have any spare Question torsos?

  12. akcultfiction 46 months ago | reply

    batwoman is amazing

  13. birgerking 40 months ago | reply

    Hi Julian,
    great shot! Used it for my presentation about social media 2012 in germany:

    Thank you!

  14. Skip A Week Customs 30 months ago | reply

    love these u should make batgirl bg

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