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Going Down | by batesvillebreeze
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Going Down



If you haven't heard already, we're about to get hammered by a flu epidemic. If you aren't sick, wash your hands several times a day and try not to touch your face with your hands. (much harder than it sounds)


If you are sick with flu like symptoms, don't go to work. Don't go to the store. The only place you should go is the doctors office.


I'm afraid this thing is going to get big. The bird flu got a lot of coverage but it lacked one thing. The ability to be spread from human to human. The swine flu has that covered.


In 1918 there was a global flu epidemic. The world-wide numbers are impossible to calculate but it's estimated that 20 - 100 MILLION people died. 675,000 in the United States. The virus was able to travel globally by hitching a ride on soldiers returning home from World War One. With planes, trains and automobiles this one could get away from us in a moments notice. If it hasn't already.


While it's true that thousands of people die each year because of the flu, it's usually immuno-compromised people and the very old and very young. This flu, like the 1918 flu, is killing 20-40 year old, otherwise healthy, people. This is bad news.


I've never been a harbinger of doom and I've always wanted to kick the guy with the 'the end is near' sign in the nuts. Just please stay home if you're sick and wash your hands much more than usual if you're not.


Oh, and the federal government just declared a public health emergency.

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Taken on September 27, 2008