Rinconada mitts

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After tinkering and ripping and reknitting, I'm finally happy with all the details in the mitt; the slipped-stitch ridges in the garter cuff continuing over the stripes make me especially happy (as does the gusset. I like gussets, and particularly the way the slipped stitches curve around this one).

I'm writing up the pattern now, in two sizes. This is the smaller size: 6 1/2" around (my wrist is 6 1/2" and my hand is 7 1/2" inches - these are snug on me and I think they could fit a hand a bit larger and definitely smaller, too). The larger size will be 8" around - I'm making them for Jacob, whose wrists are 8" and hands are 10". I'll be reversing the colors for his mitts.

I hope to have the pattern available for a group of interested testers later on today (I think I'm all set for test-knitters now, thank you!)!

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  1. ms. mcgee 65 months ago | reply

    Ooooh, I'd test! I love love love the gusset, too! Fantastic pattern!

  2. postcool 65 months ago | reply

    these are gorgeous! i'd be happy to test-knit.

  3. lauren*o 65 months ago | reply

    ohhh M-H these are fantastic! Have you thought about making a full-on mitten version as well?

  4. Scoutj 65 months ago | reply

    can I just have the mitts? :D

  5. Mary-Heather 65 months ago | reply

    thanks everyone!

    I hadn't thought about it - mostly because I really have wanted fingerless mitts to wear while walking Charlie, so I've been focused on that and haven't thought about other hand-covery options. But hmmm, mittens could look really cool in this stitch pattern. I am planning on making a hat or headband/earcovery type thing, too, to go with.

    what colors do you like? :)

  6. lauren*o 65 months ago | reply

    oh a matching headwear thing sounds great!! I just asked about the mitten thing because I *never* wear fingerless mitts. I don't have any issue with them or anything- it's just that there's not really a time/place where they work for me. Regardless though, I love these and from the looks of them it wouldn't be hard to add a mitten top.

  7. ysolda teague 65 months ago | reply

    Love the slipped stitch ribs detail!

  8. MissMarnie 65 months ago | reply

    There is nothing about this picture I don't love. BTW, if you need/want anyone to look over the pattern for a sanity check., let me know. I'm not a tech editor but I'm a decent copy editor.

  9. Mary-Heather 65 months ago | reply

    <3 you're the best. Yes please. :)

  10. Nonnahs* 65 months ago | reply

    So cute, MH! And, the mitts are lovely, too! ;)

  11. Scoutj 65 months ago | reply

    oh stop! I was only sorta kidding! I do know how to knit....I just don't ever get around to it anymore!

  12. Mary-Heather 65 months ago | reply

    so... you'd prefer a surprise?

  13. GirlReaction 65 months ago | reply

    I love thumb gussets. Just a random FYI for ya. I refuse to make mitts/gloves without them, even if I have to add them to the patterns myself.

  14. sleepyneko 65 months ago | reply

    love 'em. this pattern would also look great on a skirt as well.

  15. mimsical 65 months ago | reply

    Yay pinstripes! You KNOW I love Pinstripes :D

  16. berthacrowley 65 months ago | reply

    Oh!! These are fantastic!

  17. Missing Knits 65 months ago | reply

    So cool! I can't wait for the pattern!

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