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Misty is my new baby bunny ages 6 weeks old. He has little grey patches on the back of his ears and nose.

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  1. Gis Medeiros 70 months ago | reply

    So cute!!! :-))))

  2. Saraide 62 months ago | reply

    Hello Misty! You have ears like my bun- can't decide if they should go up or down!

  3. antaean 62 months ago | reply

    When they are young they where up most of the time but now he is older they are not up as much only when he is listing out for noises.

  4. ladylagomorph76 62 months ago | reply

    those ears are fantastic....what a sweet bun-bun!

  5. Muggins' Lover 62 months ago | reply

    Love the ears. Can't decide if they're up or down...but cute all the same.

  6. antaean 62 months ago | reply

    He is a dear little bunny he comes up too ya and taps you on the leg too ask for you too stroke him. He jumps up on the chair and then on to the table and he loves to explore everywhere. He is like a little puppy.
    I love bunny's
    I have 5 rabbits now my new baby bunny i have photos of on here too.

  7. brezbrina 62 months ago | reply

    aww misty is so cute !

  8. Lilith S 62 months ago | reply

    Misty is a cutie, love the ear position.

  9. antaean 54 months ago | reply

    Dear litlle Misty he is ill and i am very sad. He has myxomatosis Although he has been vacinated against myxomatosis he has caught it.
    Its a more mild form but still nasty his nose has got a big lump which the vert says could fall off leaivng a hole and if he gets a infection things could get complicated.


  10. brezbrina 54 months ago | reply

    oh antaean iam so sorry to hear about misty! sending love and hugs to you and misty.. also sending well wishes!! for the infection not to get worse!! be brave little one..

  11. antaean 54 months ago | reply

    The vet said misty is out of the danger zone and he should start getting better soon. He is still poorly and has bad scabs but thank god he is going to be ok. The vet had to flush his tear duct and we have to give him eye drops and antibiotics but his scabs are starting to heal.
    He seems more like his old self now.

  12. Eddi van W. 50 months ago | reply

    Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Creative Commons- Free Pictures, and we'd love to have this added to the group!

  13. paula aguilera.- 43 months ago | reply

    thanks for share,is so cute!

  14. Saraide 42 months ago | reply

    So glad to hear Misty is doing better!!

  15. antaean 42 months ago | reply

    Misty is going well. he recovered and is happy with his lady friend "Poppy"

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