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Day 240 - El Salvador vs. the United States

Before the game, we were told that by no means would cameras of any type be allowed within the stadium, that everyone would be searched, that all cameras would be confiscated and would not be returned to their owners. But nobody searched me when I walked in, and inside the stadium, people all around me had cameras. I apologize that because I obeyed the rules, I was not able to bring you a picture of the big game.


Though the US was favored to win by five goals, the game nearly ended in a huge upset. El Salvador scored the first goal within the first 15 minutes of the game, and no one else scored for the rest of the first half. About 10 minutes into the second half, El Salvador scored their second goal. From the point of their first goal onward, and moreso when they had an even greater lead, Salvadorans kept going down with injuries, stopping play but not the clock.


With 15 minutes left to go, the US scored its first goal, off a header. With just three minutes left, they put another one in the net. The game went into overtime, during which neither team scored, so the game ended in a tie. Both teams earned one point in the hexagonal round of qualifiers for the World Cup.

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Taken on March 28, 2009