Travelers Inver Experience
On Wednesday morning, December 6, 2017, students in the Environmental Science class taught by Tanya Smutka, biology faculty at Inver Hills Community College, took part in the Travelers Inver Experience through their work with approximately 50 7th graders in the AVID program at Ramsey Middle School in St. Paul.

The Inver Hills students created poster presentations based on what they are learning in class and then interacted with the middle schoolers, who broke up into teams to visit each of the poster stations.

"'The best way to learn is to teach' is an often repeated adage," Tanya Smutka said. "But it really is true. When you can explain a concept to someone else, that is when you learn the material with depth and retention. So in this project, students worked in small teams, just like scientists today also work in collaborative teams. My students became the professors for the day and taught the 7th graders about a concept from environmental science."

To learn more about the Travelers Inver Experience, contact:

Matt Kruger
TRIO Student Support Services Director
Travelers EDGE Director

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