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We supply an extensive range of indoor and outdoor recycling bins, combining functionality with style to create tailored recycling solutions to suit you and your requirements. Whether you are looking for interior recycling bins for schools, offices, universities or outdoor recycling containers for parks, playgrounds and downtown areas- we're sure we will have something for you.

Our smaller recycling bins make ideal commercial recycling bins and are extremely popular within offices, corporate environments, conference rooms and communal areas. The contemporary designs found within our range means that our recycling containers will complement your existing décor and furniture.

Many of our products are also suited as school recycling containers. Our vast number of waste streams offers you the flexibility and choice of creating a recycling program that is just what you're looking for. Our differing capacities also makes finding the right receptacle for hallways, campus grounds, classrooms and cafeterias easier.

The modular design of our recycling bins means that they are able to be placed side-by-side to create centralized recycling stations but are also equally suitable to be used as stand-alone units. We are also proud to offer custom graphics, allowing you to incorporate your organization's logo, colors and specific waste stream onto any of our recycling bins.

Need a hand choosing a container? Either email us or use our live chat facility.