Sofa workshop in Osaka

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  1. meganezaru75 ages ago | reply

    参加したいなぁ!!hanaでのworkshopに参加しなくてすごい後悔してた。。。大阪遠いけどなんとかして参加したいですね。。we shall see..

  2. leeleelovesyou ages ago | reply

    I wish I could attend one of your workshops!

  3. happibug ages ago | reply

    So colorful!

  4. emily☆ ages ago | reply


  5. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    I wish too!
    Thank you so much.

  6. meganezaru75 ages ago | reply


  7. best order [deleted] ages ago | reply

    i still love my sofa very very very much!!!!!!!!!!!! :P @};-

  8. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    Thank you for loving your sofa. Every student also love one's own sofa best.

  9. best order [deleted] ages ago | reply

    this workshop is in osaka but you are not the one teaching it?

  10. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    I've ever held the workshop 4 times. 2 times were held in Tokyo. and othe 2 times were in Osaka. In all times, myself was a teacher. I'll go to Osaka and hold workshop on 12th, and I'll take a part in doll event in Osaka. Oh I am more diligent in a hobby/holiday than the weekday job :D

  11. best order [deleted] ages ago | reply

    You actually go to osaka and back! OH my!!! I have your company address, I'll write to your boss and blackmail you! :))

  12. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    ahaha (((((^^;

  13. emily☆ ages ago | reply


  14. atelier matin ages ago | reply


  15. dashing alarm [deleted] ages ago | reply

    Wow nice workshop!!
    Wish I could attend too!

  16. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    Thank you for leaving comment, Rinna-san. I also wish you can attend the workshop oneday.

  17. puppy52 ages ago | reply

    ah it gets more and more! ^O^!!!

  18. atelier matin ages ago | reply

    I'm looking forward to seeing the student's works of next workshop.

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