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Mission 20, Objective Besh: The Dreadnought | by WG Productions
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Mission 20, Objective Besh: The Dreadnought

Number: CT-3267

Name: Griss

Rank: ARC Commander Grade III

Primary weapon: two DC-17 Hand Pistols

Secondary weapon: combat knife

Name: Mur-Bota

Rank: Jedi General (Master)

Weapon: Purple Lightsaber

Name: Pakti

Rank: Jedi Commander (Padawan)

Weapon: Yellow Double bladed Lightsaber


The Dreadnought

...:: BEGIN LOG ::...

Before we get to the planet surface of Rho Cortack IV, we have to take some of the Separatist ships down. That way our gunships have a safe passage into the rocky planet’s athmosphere.

The Separatist Fleet was vast and diverse, with a lot of variations in battleships and cruisers. Our detachment of the 253rd was sent on to a Providence-class Dreadnought, one of their capital ships.


Something we weren’t looking forward to was the eerie hallways of the ship… They were always so silent. The only thing you could hear were the footsteps and creaky voices of a droid patrol when you came close to one of them. At least we had 2 Jedi joining us this time. As soon as we entered the ship we split up in to 2 teams. General Bota and ARC Lieutenant Wardor leading the first striketeam and Commander Pakti and ARC Commander Griss leading the second.


While General Bota and his squad went straight for the bridge, Commander Pakti and his squad went for the control rooms. There they can disable all the automatic heavy turbolaser batteries. Which makes it possible for our pilot's to focus solely on the enemy fighters.

...:: END LOG ::...




I finally took the pictures and got my log ready for this build! So glad I can finally share this with you guys, I hope you enjoy it! Leave your thoughts in the comments!


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Taken on February 8, 2021