• Battlefield 2
    The whole Battlefield series has been good but this really is top notch. Shows Xbox Live what multiplayer gaming is really about
  • Command & Conquer: Red Alert
    Classic strategy game. More came with better graphics but none were as much fun.
  • Descent
    First true 3D game. Never has flying through passageways been such good fun. 1...3...3...DESCENT
  • Doom
    Classic. Moved PC gaming forward in leaps and bounds. Really did start the FPS genre.
  • F-Zero
    An almost perfect racing game. Time trialling was a real challenge. Wasted far too long trying to shave another tenth of the lap times. Future F-Zero's never recaptured the magic like most of the Nintendo follow ups.
  • Ferrari F355 Challenge
    Realistic racer on the Dreamcast - probably the toughest racer of it's time. Easily the best racer on the Dreamcast or any other platform at that time.
  • Flashback
    Stunning design, great gameplay. Still looks good today.
  • Goldeneye 007
    For me still Rare's best game. Perfect Dark was good but always enjoyed Goldeneye more, maybe because it was first.
  • Gran Turismo
    First of the series and arguably the best as the others that followed have added very few new idea's. Nothing could touch it at the time.
  • Grand Theft Auto III - Vicy City
    The best of the Grand Theft Auto III series. The missions, the 80's music - everything was just right. The first time riding a bike and hearing Blondie is a classic gaming moment.
  • Half-life
    The first intelligent FPS? Stunning design, stunning game and a story that kept you hooked till the end.
  • Half-life 2
    A game to upgrade your PC for. I loved this more than the original. The set peices were far more involving, the use of physics blew me away.
  • Halo 2
    Pinacle of multi-playing gaming on a console. Just can't get bored of this some 9 months after release. I'm sure there's a great single player game in there but why bother. Halo isn't included in the list as it got so boring and repetitive especially when the Flood were introduced.
  • Head over Heels
    A cracking isometric (remember them) game that I played to death on the Amstrad. Graphics were groundbreaking at the time.
  • Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    One of the few console games that I've played through to a finish. Got the puzzle/arcade balance absolutely spot on and kept me captivated from beginning to end. A game I was sorry to see finished.
  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time
    Great design, massive play area but just not as good as the SNES Zelda.
  • Madden NFL
    Played the series on the SNES and almost every console since. I love american football and only the Seag series has come close.
  • Mercenary
    Looking back the graphics look awful but in it's day it was groundbreaking. The story was superb and there was a real sense of achievment when you managed to blast off from the planet.
  • Moto GP
    My first Live game. What an experience. League racing, friendships made that are still there today. This took me back to F-Zero days - time trialling has never been so addictive and frustrating. Mugelllooooooo.
  • Prince of Persia
    First reaction was always the graphics - the animation was ahead of it's times. Gameplay stunning as well but fiendishly difficult in places. Reminded of Rick Dangerous due to it's difficulty.
  • Pro Evolution Soccer
    The best football game, maybe even the best sports game, every itteration has been played by me & friends religously. Nothing comes close. Just need proper online support to elevate it to god like status.
  • Project Gotham Racing 2
    The best online racer for the Xbox. Despite the 30 fps and the dullish pallette this is still my favourite online racer. David & me getting top 50 in a Paris track is still a standout moment.
  • Sensible Soccer
    The next best football game. Simple yet addictive, although I do remember it was easy to rack up big scores.
  • Soul Caliber
    The reason I bought a Dreamcast. It's graphics remained untouched for a couple of years, it's fight mechanics were great and it had a lot of depth for a beat em up.
  • Street Fighter 2 Turbo
    I loved it. So did Shakeel. Unfortunately for me I hardly ever one on this game - still kept coming back for more.
  • Super Bomberman 2
    Golden Bomber. I knew when to stop the roulette wheel...allegedly. If theres one game where I would expect to win before I start, this is it (and Pro Evo). Still love it to this day. Wasted sooooo many hours at Uni playing this. David and his speedy boots. Those were the days.
  • Super Mario 64
    Never been bettered. Still enjoy firing up the emulator and tackling another couple of levels.
  • Super Mario Kart
    So simple yet deep. So easy yet hard. So much fun. Why have they never re-captured this game in a new format. What a waste.
  • Super Mario World
    My first SNES game and probably the one I played the most (behind any multi player). The level design was perfect, so many shortcuts in the game - you really could play it any way you want. When it was complete there were still coin challenges to do. A masterpiece.
  • Tetris
    Has any other game sold a platform more then Tetris? The Gameboy was an essential purchase just to play this. Multiplayer at scholl with this was excellent.
  • The Bards Tale
    No graphics as such but an amazing story, and the first role playing game I ever played - wierd - I've hardly played one since although I completed this at the time.
  • The Secret of Monkey Island
    Still my favourite Lucasarts game. It was funny, captivating and great to look at. The music was also a favourite at the time.
  • Transport Tycoon
    Another Uni favourite. Woo-Woo.
  • Unreal Tournament
    Came out at the same time as Quake III Arena and spanked it's arse. The first FPS I played online and it's something I'll never forget. Again, the newer versions have never been as good as this original version.
  • Wipeout
    Launch game of choice for the PS1. Graphics and design were unheard of at the time. Gameplay was uber tough. I loved it. Still do - Wipeout Pure is easily the best game on the PSP.
  • World of Warcraft
    Easily the best game this year. Massive, graphically rich and a great sense of adventure every time you play it. This really is sandbox gaming - do whatever you like. I stopped playing after a month though - it was consuming my time like no other game. I HAD to stop.


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My bestest games from the last 20 years. Not always technically the best but certainly the ones I've played the most.

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  1. minniuye 35 months ago | reply

    BF2 - comment meant that I love it on PC and shows what Xbox Live should be aiming for - 32 players, lag free gaming. This image was done a year ago.
    BF2 on the 360 is pretty impressive except for the voice comms - it sucks!! Oh - and the EA servers.

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