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My Desk 2016 | by saebaryo
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My Desk 2016

[UPDATED 2018 photo here]


My desk shot for the year. For the most part not too much different from last year's photo. Just changes and additions to accessories and such.


Still running a Mac Pro hanging underneath the desk. I did exchange the old 2x2.26Ghz Quad-Core Xeon procs for slightly less old 2x3.33Ghz 6-Core Xeons. Also upped the RAM to 64GB. I've pretty much reached the end of what I can upgrade and stuff into this chassis. 7 years and still serves my needs. I think the only thing I haven't updated is the optical drive. Have been tempted to swap it out for a read/write BD but since Apple will never build BD support into the OS, what's the point?


Left display is still my social media/messaging screen. Except it's only recently gone down to a 2 column layout instead of the old 3 column one. And that's solely because Instalicious no longer works. Thanks a lot, Instagram. Don't know what the heck you guys were thinking since you now only have the one dinky lil' phone app. It's been how long now and you can't even put out an iPad version at least? But anyways, so yeah, I still haven't figured out what I can put in Instalicious' old spot. I already have Tweetbot's window width maxed out so I still have a gap there to fill.


No changes to the center and right displays. Still just email on the right and everything else on main center screen.


Input devices have changed. Dumped the old Apple Wireless Keyboard and Magic Trackpad for a Matias Laptop Pro and the new Magic Trackpad. Having used laptop keyboards and the Apple Wireless Keyboard for so long, I had completely forgotten just how damn nice the tactile feedback from mechanical switches are.


However, since the Matias is a much thicker keyboard with a much steeper back to front down angle, I had to get a wristpad to use with it. Getting old man, getting old.


Also have an Apple Pencil Charging Dock next to the iPhone dock now.


I finally broke down and picked up my first new set of headphones in years: a pair of Fostex TH-X00s from the original Massdrop. They're really darn good.


My stack of hard drive platter drink coasters has also doubled in size due to some dead WD drives lost throughout the year. And my desk's also being overrun by a bunch of chibi Gundams. ;-p


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Taken on July 1, 2016