• There are way too many stitches on the neckline, making it do all sorts of stupid bulgy things that I hate.
  • I rather dislike the little puff-sleeve action going on here too.
  • Don't like how the knit even rounds at the bottom of the sleeve make it go from flaring out to straight.


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I knew back before I joined the center front together that it might end up too big. I should have followed those initial instincts, because I am now planning to frog it completely and restart with the large instead of the modified extra large size (I dropped the body to the large stitch count before the inset, which worked well, except it's way too big above the inset, even with back and bust decreases).

I want more length below the waist detailing as well, but less flare, so will change that to add one, possibly two more straight rows between the increase rows. Only go down to a US4 for the detailing as well (knitting the lace pattern on those US3's was killing me).

The sleeves - not going down to the US3's for the detailing, will use US4 or US5 instead, hopefully will get rid of some of that puffiness, and help with them being a bit tight on my biceps too. Also going to add one or two more straight rows between the increase rows, will thus omit the knit straight section after the increases to get rid of the fugly there.

Purl ridges - knit three at the hems instead of two (drop to a US5 for the purl rounds, US6 for the knit rounds), keep three for the neckline, but with less stitches/inch, especially around the shoulder and center points.

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