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Graffiti Car

(Paul's Junkyard, California) - One of the cars I liked the best at this interesting junkyard. Unfortunately I should have spent more time shooting this car as this image was more of an after thought. I wanted to disappear into the stacks, but I only wanted to bring one camera (I had two cameras on two tripods). So I set the other one up to shoot this car (baked in moonlight) for 4 times 4 minutes.


Then stacked the images to get 16 minutes of star trails. How?


1. Select all images in Lightroom.

2. Select 'Photo', 'Edit In' and 'Open as Layers in Photoshop'

3. Create Smart Object in PS5

4. Choose a way of stacking them (this is Mean).

5. Do final edits in LR3


I screwed some stuff up in this image. What?


1. The focus is a bit soft. You can't see this if you see the image in regular web size, but at 100% it is painfully obvious. My normal technique is to shine my super bright flashlight directly at the image and focus using autofocus. Then I switch to manual focus. What went wrong?


The short answer is that I don't know. The long answer: either (1) I forgot to change the focus i.e. apply the technique above or (2) the AF focused on the ground directly in front of the car (it is sharp). Shooting wide with a 14mm on a full-frame you have to be VERY careful to get the focus right. Unfocused (or soft) images are the worst form of curse an image can have. The back part of the car here is very soft. So are the star trails. Both clear symptoms of bad focus.


...but like I said, for web it looks fine. Even on small prints it looks okay.


2. The compo is not great. Why cut off the shadow on the right for instance.


Want to she really cool shots of this car? Check these out. Awesome work.


3. The star trails are not really long enough to add anything really interesting here.

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Taken on April 16, 2011