Day 82/365 aka Week 3/52: everyone's favorite happy person -.- [Explored 2-7-2009, Highest Position #173]

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    I'm worried now: people actually think I'm BEING HONEST all the time =O

    the reality of the situation being that I've simply got better at what I do.


    Taking Dad's old Aviators out for a spin. If it werent for the gold rims... *sighs*

    This wasn't easy to do, not least because of my aversion to pictures of myself. In addition, I had to focus manually and was within 5 minutes of sunset, so I really needed to hurry. Guesstimated where to put the tripod, set the damn thing at 3 feet and hoped for the best. Turned out much better than I could've hoped. The second one isn't as sharp as it could've been though >.<


    yes I CAN make this part of two projects -.- why? because i say so.

    this makes a lot more sense this way so please, for your own sake -.-

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    1. buckyishungry 60 months ago | reply

      thanks ^_^ specially for the double post =P
      thats like a total liar's paradox right there O_O

    2. Thoami 60 months ago | reply

      i find absolutely nothing wrong with aviators and gold frames, except that they don't suit me >_> i think you've inspired me to take a manual focus self portrait goddammit >_>

    3. Gr8rthanu 59 months ago | reply

      this was, like ....... the garden????? bahahaha i wudda laughed, get it videoed n put it on youtube

    4. buckyishungry 59 months ago | reply

      ahh you're implying they suit me then? ahah i inspired you suckah ^_^
      haha nope dude not the garden. this's like the common wall between our houses xD

    5. Thoami 59 months ago | reply

      as far as i can see, sadly yes,they suit you. now all you need is a red beret, an AK-47 and a cigar >_>

    6. Gr8rthanu 59 months ago | reply

      nawp, all he needs is a cowboy hat and a revolver. ( and maybe a new set of cymbals for his drum set)

    7. buckyishungry 59 months ago | reply

      viva la revolucion -.-

    8. Anew. [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      Gold rims are SO in right now! <.<
      Oi vay, it's Da Vinci in disguise =D. (Y)

    9. buckyishungry 59 months ago | reply

      they may be in but they still look funkeh to me >_>
      =O there's that holy ass-light again =OOO

    10. James_emile [deleted] 59 months ago | reply

      awesome. i'm diggin it!

    11. Dhimee 59 months ago | reply

      This be very cool..And I be back again..hehe

    12. shaari. 57 months ago | reply

      I just realised you haven't uploaded a picture for 3 months! wait, does that mean you aint gonna start flickring until you get 105mm macro??

    13. buckyishungry 57 months ago | reply

      hahah i guess a comeback is in order eh. I'm super busy with Uni right now but soon, soon i'll begin. and no macro for a while: low on funds hahah.

    14. kristopherlundborg 56 months ago | reply

      This is really cool. I love photos like this. I have one, but it's more of a joke than anything. I like this a lot.

    15. alankaar 56 months ago | reply

      hey! long time, no uploads?

    16. buckyishungry 56 months ago | reply

      and i miss posting =( lets just say that university has caught up with me in a big way and i'm yet to adjust fully

    17. f i Я a s 54 months ago | reply

      MD where on earth are ya?

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