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Melted MacBook Magsafe Connector 3

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A melted MacBook Magsafe Power Connector! It got hot, and I didn't notice until I looked at it! :(

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  1. brnzwngs 89 months ago | reply

    I had one that melted through and actually caught on fire (just a flame coming out). Apple was very cautious on the phone making sure I wasn't going to press anything. They ended up sending me one for free and that one is already showing signs of wear and tear.

  2. lockstick 89 months ago | reply

    Yes, that happened to me twice already.

  3. pbreit 89 months ago | reply

    That plug looks pretty beat up. Sure you didn't toss it in the wood chipper?

  4. Ian Wedlock 89 months ago | reply

    I got to this picture from www.tauw.com where someone is starting a lawsuit over stuff like this. No offense, but crap like this happens when you beat up your stuff. the wire looks like it had a short in it from misuse close to the connector, sliced a little in the outer lining, and also like it has been beat against some thing hard. I have had mine for about three years now and it is in MUCH better shape than this and I am ALWAYS on the go. nothing personal though.

  5. Moose E. Treats 89 months ago | reply

    Same thing happened to my MB (June 2006). Apple replaced it a few weeks ago for free.

  6. daniel*san 89 months ago | reply

    One More!! It even sparked a little bit and it got hot as hell, just a few months after warranty expired...on my second one and on my second battery as well...

  7. ~Kitty [deleted] 89 months ago | reply

    The 1/8" power adapter wins again.

  8. neverending4181 89 months ago | reply

    You obviously don't know how to take care of your things. Did you chew on it?

  9. richarddas 89 months ago | reply

    That looks suspiciously like what my cables (not magsafe) look like after my cat has chewed on it... puncture and all.

  10. John Laur 89 months ago | reply

    I take really good care of mine and always make sure I have a loop for strain relief and that the cord is not pinched at the point where it enters the end housing. Still on #1, though my old powerbook g4 is about to need its 3rd.

    The magnetic attachment is solid, but the failing with these adaptors is the pogo pins and the cable's strain relief. I'm not sure how much longer this kind of connector will last as I'm not sure how well it will transfer more than 90-100W of power.

    This is already an unspoken issue. Peak power demand from these laptops is already greater than the adaptors will supply as evidenced by the fact they underclock themselves when running without a battery installed. The only real solution will be to make the connector larger -- I'm not sure how well that will go over considering how they are pushing out other ports claiming a space issue.

  11. - jre - 89 months ago | reply

    You know, if you take ANY cable carrying any amount of current that isn't just 'sustaining' a system (ie: charging) and kink it several times, bend it, break some of the metal strands, then stress it against plastic, that plastic will melt.

    The device is sucking power just as fast through less metallic surface area in the delivery.

    The result is heat.

    That's pretty basic to understand.

    This should be classified as "normal wear".


  12. orangeateblue 89 months ago | reply

    Take care of your shit and this won't happen, I promise.

  13. ~Kitty [deleted] 89 months ago | reply


    You know, I have psu cables that carry 150 amps on the 12v rail, bent double several times for mounting, and they don't do that.

  14. hawaiianchimp 89 months ago | reply

    This happened to me too. Good thing it was under the warranty still :)

  15. Bram & Vera 89 months ago | reply

    80bucks X 4 mag[not]safe so far, damn

  16. hawaiianchimp 89 months ago | reply

    I like muscular men

  17. - jre - 89 months ago | reply

    Bent once is OK. Bent, re-bent, re-bent again, coiled up, smushed between the side of a laptop and edge of a desk, etc... that's quite another.

    It all matters whether or not the wire strands inside the wire break apart, because once they do, you have the same amount of current going through less wire. that equals heat.

    Simply bending without breaking strands in the wire isn't a bad thing. :)

    So... yeah.. for mounting, that would be safe.

    If I took a vacuum cleaner cord, picked ONE spot, and bent it several hundred times, my guess is that in that spot, it would eventually get hot enough to light a match. Either that or my ancient breaker box would object before that happened.


  18. ~Kitty [deleted] 89 months ago | reply


    Even if the wiring breaks, the shielding/sheathing shouldn't, especially on a cable that costs that much. Someone could probably bank making aftermarkets for this.

  19. - jre - 89 months ago | reply

    Since I'm not one to fail to admit when I could be wrong, I'm starting to side with the "design flaw" and "maybe a recall is in order" crowd:

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