DIY ring-flash
OK, so you gotta be REAL pretty or REALLY young with great skin-- bikini models anyone? (or possibly an ugly hulk piñata) to look good with ringflash light (IMHO), but the look is too cool (especially against a colored wall) AND it's a fun piece of kit to have in your lighting arsenal... and for only about $25 in supplies, it's worth 1/2 the price of Gary Fong's Lightsphere to build one for your very own.

SPECIAL THANKS to Mike from OC Strobists- this dealio was a Mike&Craig Joint. EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS to David Tejada for his ingenious original design. Since we didn't have the same flash brackets he uses, we opted to modify it and make a custom camera bracket . The result is similar but more permanent + our bracket holds the reflector and the flash and is attached to your camera base via the tripod mount. It's pretty solid when it's snugly attached.

Here's the link to David's original design to see how to get started and his excellent tutorial:

p.s. Our how-to pics start after we started cutting the back out of the light pan--oops... David has detailed instructions via the above link to do what we left out.


These instructions are provided for educational purposes only. Build at your own risk-- always wear safety goggles and a cup when using power tools. ;-)
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