2013 Wolfe's
Sun 15th Sep 2013
All photos now have names.
This from Barbara...
There are a few whose names are on the tip of my tongue but just can't grasp them - sorry…!
There are so many people who haven't sent in photos and there are a lot of people who were there who just don't appear in any pics, I guess they were too busy talking and enjoying themselves!!!
Obviously the ?????? denote someone I just can't recollect - I AM 64 you know….!
I just can't remember how to spell Mark Valisadez's surname. He was a big punter and met, fell in love with and married Bunny Carolyn Moore, she was Miss Great Britain in 1971. Still married 35 years later, wonderful!
Thanks for all your hard work and the new website is good, much easier to navigate. ttfnB.
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