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Frequently Asked Questions | by Chris-Creations
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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why wasn't my group invite accepted?

A: I don't post to private groups or groups with the 30/60 restriction on. There's no good reason to have that restriction enabled. You should disable it.


Q: When was that photo taken?

A: On almost every one of my photo pages, there are 3 or 4 places to see when the photo was taken. 1. The album list (eg. Mei 2007) 2. The taken on date below the photo to the right. 3. The EXIF. 4. The Tags. The tag on this photo 20070601_229 means this is photo 229 in the set of photos taken on June 1, 2007


Q: Why are so many photos of Mei old?

A: Please read the answer on the about page. Also, according to the rules of this group, my photos aren't old. :)


Q: How is Mei pronounced?

A: Mei is pronounced the same way the month of May is pronounced.


Q: I think I've seen this photo before.

A: Possibly. Among recent photos, old photos never before posted, and photos rearranged in the stream I will sometimes reupload photos that have very few faves. I rarely make a mistake and reupload a popular photo. If it happens, it isn't intentional. Also, I have a large catalog of images to process and upload. Within reason, every photo I take that I want to save for posterity could get uploaded here. This isn't a best of site...I use albums for that.


Q: I see on your about page that you have faved more than 1.7 million faves. That's a lot!

A: Sure, but my photos have been faved more than 1.3 million times. Some quick math to prove that: my 500+ faves album has 1520 photos in it. 1520*500 = 760,000. Most photos in that album have more and some much more than 500 faves. So I have faved fewer than 2 photos for every fave I have received. Many folks like to look at these photos but don't feel comfortable adding them to their faves so I get a huge number of views compared to faves (200 million and counting). Still, my photos receive around 1500 faves in a day.


Q: Here's a question nobody asked but I figured I would mention it.

A: Mei has 2 round marks on her left arm from vaccinations she got at a young age. I almost always edit them out. It's not so much that I think they are ugly but I try to remove things that distract from the subject of an image. Our eyes are easily drawn to circles so I remove them because that's not a focus point of the image.


Q: Does she know these photos are here?

A: Yes she does. She visits from time to time but isn't really involved.

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Taken on June 1, 2007