Tinkering today...
Any blogger will agree with me: There are a LOT of situations in which you think about writing a new post and after some time you realize it may not worth so. This happens to me about one out of two days, and I’ve reached the conclusion that I had to create a place to keep all this “small projects” together, and share them with the world (Ok, the vast majority of them are unlikely to be interesting, but this is better than leaving them forgotten)

With this in mind, yesterday I re-opened my Flickr account and I created a new set called “Tinkering Today…” in which I will try to upload one picture a day summarizing what I’ve spent my time in. So this is going to be quite strange because this Flickr set is more similar to a blog than my Wordpress blog (vlxs.wordpress.com), which I will keep for publishing finished projects. You can find the latest updates at the right of this page or the full set in the “Tinkering Today…” page of the blog.

Now the question comes: How much time will I keep this set updated? Who knows!

Long life to the set!
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