Moon n Venus played hide-and-seek

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    The moon and Venus came closer, formed a pair and played hide-and-seek Monday evening in a relatively rare astronomical phenomenon, much to the delight of astronomers and stargazers.

    As the cloud blanket gave way to an azure sky, people - gazing at it from open fields, parks and from top of their houses - had a breathtaking view of the celestial spectacle.

    Experts of the Nehru Planetarium here, assisted by over a dozen amateur astronomers, explained the planetary movement to those gathered at Jantar Mantar, the 18th century astronomical observatory in the heart of the capital.

    "Though the lunar occultation is not a rarest of the rare event yet it's beautiful," said Nehru Planetarium director R. Rathnasree.

    Elaborating on the phenomenon, Rathnasree said: "A lunar occultation happens when a celestial body appears to have moved behind the moon. Such events happen often but in most cases the star being occulted may be very faint. When bright stars or planets like Venus are occulted by the moon the event can be seen with the naked eyes."

    The event was last seen in November 2004.

    Both the bright objects were seemingly close to each other and the moon was seen approaching Venus as the evening progressed. After 9.35 p.m., the moon moved in front of Venus hiding it behind its shadow.

    SOURCE :: Samachaar

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    1. vtpeacenik ages ago | reply

      Congratulations on this wonderful photo! I just saw it in Explore.
      Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

    2. v!n!sh ages ago | reply

      WOW!! Thx!

    3. baby7 ages ago | reply

      Excellent shot

    4. csnyder103 ages ago | reply

      Fantastic shot. I thought I saw it close! I got this about a month ago:

      Moon and Venus  5-19-07

    5. v!n!sh ages ago | reply

      Thx All :)
      csnyder103 :: Nice shot!

    6. Thushan S. Withana-Gamage ages ago | reply

      great capture

      photo contest blog (details about all current photo contests around world)


      Seen in the interestingness archives. (?)

    7. skin ages ago | reply

      The discussion on this picture for the Weekly pool can be found here.

    8. Kaddy 120 months ago | reply

      This is just great! I love the clarity.

    9. Laura * 116 months ago | reply

      Beautiful !!

    10. ComputerHotline 114 months ago | reply

      Thanks for licensing this image as CC "by-sa" !
      Your photo is uploaded here :
      under the terms of the Creative Commons "by-sa" license.

      -- (?)

    11. J I G I S H A a.k.a Nitin Badhwar 113 months ago | reply

      Walla !
      Mashalla !

      I dont much arabic words to praise this shot
      I am a great lover of night photography,so this is my fav subject

    12. jalalspages 107 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called Jalalspages Extra Terrestrial Album(Post1/Comment2), and we'd love to have this added to the group!

    13. dopehat69 53 months ago | reply

      That isnt from 2007

    14. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply

      There was no venus and moon occulation in 2007

    15. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply

      Nor was there one in June of 2012!!! but there was in August 2012!!!!!

    16. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply

      It was in August 2012

    17. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply

      You didnt hide good enough!

    18. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply

      You will notice under the star map in this link there are two links moon/venus and telescope. the answer to this equation is in the telescope. I found you!

    19. dopehat69 52 months ago | reply you are star fucked

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