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(TB5.) Hope on the Horizon...

Sorry about the crop again, but I still felt compelled to share this one - it was the culmination of quite a fantastical sunset and a re-awakening... IN the LARGE size, it looks as if there's a glow from a crock of gold hidden in the boughs of that grand old oak...


The little Faerelf realised that the rosy glow was warming her up quite nicely. She missed Fleur her 'Far-Away' friend, that was true. However, it was during moments like this that she was reminded that her parcel of fears was well taken care of.


'I wonder what Fleur would have made of the dragon?' she mused, 'Probably the same thing I would if I came across an errant troll first thing in the morning. NOT the kind of start to the day I would be planning that's for sure.'


Tinkerbell shuddered, ' not think about trolls for now, I've only just captured my rosy glow and that's a sure-fire way of losing it again!'.


Fears you see, could be like that, they mind their own business until you almost forget that you have them, and then - just when you are least expecting it they pop up again.


Tinkerbell hoped that Fleur had that bag securely closed and the Troll-fear was firmly stuck right down in the far left hand corner of it out of the way. With a bit of luck, buried under fears of food-poisoning, large spiders (small ones had been joyfully released some time ago..) and lime green drinks, which she rightfully treated with some considerable trepidation.


Tinkerbells thoughts were interrupted by a sudden pressure across her lower back. 'My goodness, that dragon-fear has put on weight! What on earth is Fleur up to?'


She cautiously untied the bindings around her waist, and staggered as the special bag they were attached to, fell to the ground in a wriggling frenzy.


She stood back and stared, horrified. 'This is bad.' she thought. 'Very, VERY bad.'


'There's absolutely NO time to lose!'


Faerelf Tale:- Copyright. Trapac, August, 2005. All rights reserved.

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Taken on August 26, 2005