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In the Eyes of the creator | by Malinda Rathnayake
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In the Eyes of the creator


Have we failed in the eyes of the creator?


The earth is an evolving dynamic living being. We are merely tenants who live on the crust, but unfortunately we have evolved into a state where we consume natural resources at an alarming rate like a parasite that leeches off the earth and polluting the planet leaving nothing but destruction in its path.


As the tectonic forces in the core and forces in the universe influence and shape the surface of the earth over millions of years, civilizations rise and they fall to get buried in the sands of time. Today we see history repeating itself as the human civilization trudges towards the brink of another catastrophe. Similar to the Great Dying that ended the Permian age.


We may have had help along the way in our journey that nudged our evolution towards the information age. Call it God, call it aliens, cosmic energy, engineers!!! Whoever or whatever it is, if they look at our progress so far. The power hungry, ungrateful, perfidious beings we have become.


What they will think? What will they do?


My money is on Sir. Arthur C Clark.



Art work Inspired by Arthur C Clark – “3001: The Final Odyssey” and “Cosmos.A.Space.Time.Odyssey”



This is a fan art created for non-commercial personal use.


More than 15 images were used to create this composite. My own textures and a few other publicly available pictures that do not have any copyright details that I could find. Please let me know if there is any copyright infringement.

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Taken on September 17, 2013