cigar box printer guts.

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    1. disposable photography 38 months ago | reply

      this is pretty cool.. I might have some more cigar boxes.. If I do I'll pass them over.

    2. Zuiko_Addict 38 months ago | reply

      very cool indeed.

    3. jp087 38 months ago | reply

      waxed string? I need to find someone to teach me the proper knots.

    4. Rob Cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      I was waiting for someone to notice! There's a good collection of info here:
      getting your hands on the lacing cord can be tricky, though. waxed dental floss is good for practice!

    5. kat cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      Tricky? I'm up to my eyeballs in waxed (actually tarred) cord. it's called seine twine out here. Want a gigantic spool to last the rest of your life? we use #24 and #96 mostly which might be a bit big for electronics (esp. the #96) but it goes down to a size 7. The way they figure sizes is how many feet in a 1 lb spool. A pound of #7 (smallest) has 3050 feet. The #24 (705 ft/lb) is about 3mm in diameter. it is 3-strand cord.

      Waxed cord can be gotten in beading shops, I still have a big spool of it somewhere. (not as big as a pound of seine twine though!)

      Nice parallel skill set there. We do that marline hitch all the it "gutwrapping"

    6. Rob Cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      Is it actually tar on it? I have a big spool of flat nylon cord, waxed with beeswax.

    7. kat cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      it says "tarred" on the roll, and it is black and fairly sticky, ... i just sniffed a fresh roll and yeah, there is a very faint tar smell. The stuff binds really well...knots won't slip, but it's not too hard to untie either.

      Flat waxed nylon -- also available in flyshops. Bet you paid way less than flyshop prices, haha

    8. Rob Cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      500m or so runs just over 50 bucks new. I think I paid 10 bucks or so at Active Surplus.

    9. kat cruickshank 38 months ago | reply

      net twine is about $16/lb

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