• "Mostly Organic" Ensalada Rusa (mom said everything but the peas were organic... and "peas grow in a doo-hickey, so I figure they're safe!")
  • Chimichurri (to be applied to the bread, for a proper ChoriPan)
  • Cadbury Creme Egg (yum! The Easter Bunny may not understand why I like them... but he brings 'em anyway!)
  • Nestle Caramel Eggs
  • Dove Dark Chocolate Egg
  • Deviled Eggs (sandwiched into the plastic eggs, as suggested by KateFord. My mom had packed away the eggs smooshed together in a plastic container, I wasn't sure if they'd fit... but they did!)
  • Homemade Argentine Chorizo
  • French Bread (for the ChoriPan, these were wrapped, separated, in the tin foil...)
  • Lemonade

laptop_lunchbox 2007.04.09

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I was all excited to kick off my week of using Mr.Bento Fun Swap goodies... but I was also sent home with all this left-over food from Easter Dinner. I couldn't fit the ChoriPan in Mr.B... heck, I could hardly fit it in the LLB, had to super squish to shut the lid!

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  1. jenicra84 86 months ago | reply

    What is the ensalada rusa? It looks tasty.

  2. amanky 86 months ago | reply

    a simple version of potato salad, pretty common fare in Argentina:
    potato, peas, carrot, mayo, mustard, and a splash of vinegar!?

  3. chispita_666 86 months ago | reply

    Try adding green olives (chopped) and a little bit of corn to the ensaladilla rusa. Also, you can make a big batch to last quite a few days, just as long as you don't add the mayonnaise until it is served. If you have rice already done or left over, you can substitue the potatoes for rice.

    Yes, we also have this in Spain :-D

  4. amanky 86 months ago | reply

    @chispita: I make all sorts of potato, rice, pasta, and cold salads... this, however (to me) is perfect the way it is... with it's simplicity, and traditional make-up...

    I love when I take a bite of something and it can litterally transport you back to a different place or time!

  5. dieselbug2007 85 months ago | reply

    It all looks so yummy! I've never had Chorizo, though....

    Seen on your photo stream. (?)

  6. shockhits 85 months ago | reply

    oh my i love trying to figure you out by looking at your lunches...so smart about the hard boiled eggs...i want one of these lunchbox doohickys!

  7. amanky 85 months ago | reply

    ha! I'm so behind in posting... but I'll have plenty of time to catch up in the next week/s as I'm not working... so less packing to post!

    you should totally nab a box! they're awesome!

  8. satanoid 75 months ago | reply

    where did you get this bento box?

  9. amanky 75 months ago | reply

    I got mine on ebay, back in the day... but you can get them direct from laptoplunches.com

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