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Black Copper Marans Cockerel in Early Spring (4 of 4) near River Barge Park in Carlstadt New Jersey (Meadowlands) | by takegoro
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Black Copper Marans Cockerel in Early Spring (4 of 4) near River Barge Park in Carlstadt New Jersey (Meadowlands)

This shot was taken two weeks after the story below (parts 1 and 2 of the series). The regal one was still around, and doing well. Please read below.

While observing a distant, very large Red-Tailed Hawk, which was perched atop a high utility pole, I kept hearing what sounded like an eagle’s high pitch call. It was relatively near, and I thought that the hawk was remaining put in fear of completion in which it stood no chance. When realizing that the hawk was simply too far to photograph, I entered the car and began to drive off, and as I came to the first bend about 60 feet away, my peripheral vision caught something bright and large. Instantly, the high pitch sound stopped and converted to the cock-a-doodle-doo. I was stunned by this mimic. I pulled the car over and began to go in reverse along this off-the-beaten-path riverfront road. Although, recognizing the initial sound not being that of an eagle as I passed by the immediate spot, it sure was enough to fool one from a distance.

I stayed in the car with the window lowered. We were at eye level to one another, and this beautiful rooster resembled those show level ones we would see at the country fairs. The colors and patterns were striking, and it certainly did not lack food. Why was this creature in the middle of nowhere for a farm stock animal? Then, I noticed the raised house with a bowl beneath it for food. Somebody had transported it there, and provided shelter. Perhaps it is a person from one of the riverfront marinas or warehouses. This is something quite new, and if we have another winter as we did recently, there is no way this critter will survive—not to mention, the wetlands foxes, feral cats, and multitude of raptors always present.

This marina in Carlstadt has been around for quite some time, but it was only around 2012-2013 in which it became a part of the River Barge Park, a kind of wildlife preserve of the Meadowlands wetlands and marshes. Situated along the Hackensack River, just a bit north of the Met Life Stadium and Meadowlands Sports Complex, the scenery is quite pleasant. Many birds and marsh land creatures tend to be attracted to the area, and whether on the marsh side of the park or by the river, along the shore and piers, one can often find some pretty fascinating critters. Of course, there are native plants and other flowers that occupy the area, and often found with a variety of insects drawn to them, so if someone has an appreciation for that end, there are also interesting discoveries to be made.

Water vessels of all kinds pass by while visiting, but typically, nothing too large or industrial. In addition, many boaters prefer this marina, for it offers a very quaint and cozy feel about it.



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Taken on April 3, 2015