Lacy Baktus

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    by Strikkelise
    Pattern source: Strikkelise's patterns
    Yarn: fiberphile Alchemy Super Squish Sock, colourway Honey
    Needles: 3mm

    Modifications: added a simple "yo k2tog" lace pattern every 8th row

    Love this. <3

    Here’s exactly what I did (with a permission from Strikkelise):

    CO 4 sts.

    Set up rows:

    1. knit until 1 st left, yo, k1
    2. k1, k1tbl, knit to end
    3. knit
    4. knit
    repeat rows 1-4 once. 6 sts

    Lace pattern:

    1. knit until 1 st left, yo, k1
    2. k1, k1tbl, knit to end
    3. k2, *yo, k2tog*, repeat from * until 1 st left, k1
    4. knit
    5. knit until 1 st left, yo, k1
    6. k1, k1tbl, knit to end
    7. knit
    8. knit

    I started the decreases when the shawl measured about 23 inches, unstreched.

    1. knit until 3 sts left, k2tog, k1
    2. knit
    3. k2, *yo, k2tog*, repeat from * until 1 st left, k1
    4. knit
    5. knit until 3 sts left, k2tog, k1
    6. knit
    7. knit
    8. knit

    Repeat until you have 4 stitches left, cast off.

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    1. cerevic 35 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much! I can't wait to get started on this.

    2. peggypennie 32 months ago | reply

      I just printed out the directions and here I go................hopefully I will suceed!!!

    3. 31 months ago | reply

      Hi Ya, I love this pattern! I just bought some "real" yarn from my first trip to a real yarn shop! It was like Christmas morning being in that store. I bought Mirasol Hacho 100% Merino Wool in a DK weight. It just coming gorgeous! The colorway is browns and a slight beige. It s just beautiful! Thank you so much for the pattern!
      My question is this, the pattern written in the revision form says when it reaches 23" start the decrease side, but does it mean 23" in length or 23" in width?
      I didn't weigh the yarn before I started so I can't judge by weight!
      Thanks again for the great pattern!

    4. terhimon 31 months ago | reply

      23" in length. Hope you enjoy knitting this!
      Somehow I've missed your question, sorry! But yes, that's what I would do. :-)

    5. Waterbird Boatworks 28 months ago | reply

      Simply gorgeous! I'm giving it a shot!

    6. beth~yellowhousedays 28 months ago | reply

      OH. my. word. I knit this several years ago and couldn't remember the name of it... finally found it and realized I never saved it as a favorite! Thank you - I'm off to make another!

    7. mssunflowers2ca 26 months ago | reply

      I too want to knit this lovely Baktus scarf.. I am thinking of using Mochi Plus or Alpaca but haven't decided as yet.. It is really a little different and not too lacy.. I may be back if I run into problems.. Thank you for sharing it with us. Sandy

    8. jaa92129 24 months ago | reply

      I just bought some beautiful Lana Grossa Lace Merino in a dark turquoise and it is knitting this pattern beautifully. Thank you for publishing your pattern!

    9. Becca Davis 23 months ago | reply

      I think I am going to try this! I wonder how it would look with some fringe?

    10. cheribella1 22 months ago | reply

      This is lovely...I will have to go find some yarn that is worthy of this project! thank you so much for sharing.

    11. emilymemory 22 months ago | reply

      Love this! It's beautiful & the pattern looks easy to follow. Thanks so much for sharing! :-)

    12. Linda2810 21 months ago | reply

      Que hermoso , gracias por compartir quiero por favor si alguien me puede ayudar no entiendo por que no se ingles y para traducir no se puede, si pudiera hacer un esquema con la puntada le agradesco muchisimo . Un abrazo

    13. Spun Right Round 14 months ago | reply

      Love this! Recently saw someone wearing it and was told about the pattern, very nice I must knit this!

    14. theothergarage 7 months ago | reply

      Hi, love this pattern..,
      Do you start the modification with the yo or the k2tog, I think you would do the k2tog and then the yo ? Also do you do this in the decrease on the 8 row ?
      If any one knows I would appreciate an answer, Thanks.

    15. Quilting Duchess 7 months ago | reply

      I haven't made this yet but I would knit one stitch first then do yo, k2tog across the row ending with one or two knit stitches. Should be no problem working this on a decrease row, Hope this helps!

    16. Waterbird Boatworks 6 months ago | reply

      I see her, Ruff, Ruff, and what a cool T-Shirt!

    17. cao_mp 5 months ago | reply


    18. 2badjackrussells! 4 months ago | reply

      This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing! I will start digging into my stash right away :)

    19. theresa_simms 3 months ago | reply

      Thank you so much from sharing!! I'm going to start this now!! Beautiful pattern !

    20. tschneider003 3 months ago | reply

      If i wanted to use the lace pattern and make a straight scarf, how many would I cast on?...divisible by 2?...3? this pattern...can't wait to get started

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