1961 Cinelli - see amazing new info in description below.
A project I have been working on for several years. Got this 1961 Cinelli frame from the UK. It was originally sold in Singapore. Needed some frame repairs, rechroming, new paint, and then I built it up with mostly NOS or mint parts of the period. My own modified 151 triple crank and long arm steel record derailleur. Looking forward to its first ride. Planning to ride this in L'Eroica this year. Think they will let it through? Anyone know of any water bottles with old Cinelli logo?

Serial number is 6286, but they don't seem to go much by chronological order.

Here are pics of a nice red one that belongs to a friend in Milwaukee. veloclassics.blogspot.com/2011/07/cinelli-model-b-finito....

Now a few more pics in front of my usual brick wall on a cloudy day.

And now maiden voyage pics. My oh my what a smooth ride! Exceeded my expectations in every way. And that customized triple drivetrain shifts like buttah!

Through Angel Garcia (thanks Veronaman!) I was able to track down Gordon Claughton who was the original owner of the bike! Here is a note from him:

"Hi if the Cinelli you bought was mine it was powder coated I could not afford
at the time to have good chroming done the head badge was stuck on
I sold the
bike as shown in the photo complete to a local collector/dealer.The cost was in
Singapore dollars There has always been arguments to what size a frame is, my
concept is cent re of bb to cent re of seat tube.The ravages of Singapore
weather and sweat soon affected the frame so I had it sprayed Battleship Grey.I
brought it home and had it sprayed Bianchi blue . I sold it to a friend in the
70`s and he gave me it back for free, I collected some bits and had it powder
coated as near as possible to the original colour I then rebuilt it and rode a
few times.
Original spec as near as I can remember was Campag Gran sport gears
front changer matchbox type, Legnano cranks (cotter pins), Magistroni rings
possibly 47/51, Weinman Brakes and rims with Normandy hubs, 27" x 1.25" wired
on, later Campag hubs on Fiamme rims with Clement Tubulars Brooks saddle,
Cinelli steel badged stem & Cinelli Bars
I have been in touch with Kian Hong
and have attached some articles plus pic of Cecil St shop with my bike being
worked on
I hope this is useful , by the way my friend who I cycle with has a
brother in Seattle Gerry McKenna. (Gerry is an old friend of mine! Bob)
I do still cycle although not as much after
having heart surgery and a mini stroke but at 74 I still can average 14 mph on
a 20 mile ride on either my Colnago, Bianchi & a Reynolds 653 tubed bike made
locally , all are steel, raced tt from age 48 to 54"
Gordon Claughton
(Note - Gerry passed away in Jan 2013. Gordon was the one who told me about it)

More - Here is an article Gordon wrote about Singapore Cycling. Includes pics of the bike. www.classiclightweights.co.uk/singapore-rem.html

Also - See my pics of L'Eroica 2012 where I rode this bike successfully on the 135 km distance.

And now featured on the Cerchio Ghisallo web site www.cerchiinlegnoghisallo.com/blog/?p=944&lang=en
Here's a nice article all about Cinelli
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