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Night Lights In A Rest Area

Another 'parked for the night' shot. But hey, I spend about 200 nights a year 'parked for the night' somewhere. This just happens to be that 'somewhere' tonight. So this is really nothing unusual for me.


But just think about that for a minute. Professional Over The Road Truck Drivers spend many nights sleeping in their trucks in a parking lot somewhere. It could be in a Rest Area, at a Truckstop, or pretty much anywhere. We are not at home. We are locked in an 8' x 8' cube. The bathroom is usually 200+ feet away - outside - through the cold or rain or snow.


Meanwhile the average person is at home sleeping in a nice comfortable bed. The bathroom is only a few steps away, and does not require getting dressed and putting on a winter jacket when going there. You are not going to have a loud lawn mower run right outside your bedroom window all night (that is what a refrigerated trailer sounds like when one parks next to you). You do not have to listen to vehicles coming and going and vehicle doors slamming all night (okay, if you have teenagers in your house maybe you do).


It is a very unusual lifestyle. It takes a dedicated person to do this for a living.

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Taken on May 22, 2013