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Camera Strap | by DeusXFlorida (11,059,330 views) - thanks guys!
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Camera Strap

VINTAGE 1970's Kodak Film CAMERA NECK STRAP. Its a technical shot - I shoot it for reason to show my friend this camera strap. Soft material on the under side of the strap... knit fabric . This is old camera strap - but true is - it is much better then new nylon ar even neopren camera straps. why? Becouse its in 2 time wider then regular straps - This makes the unit load per square centimeter of space twice in less than a nylon strap. Since this belt is made of fabric, it is not chemically interact with the surface of the skin. Theoretically, polypropylene material (of which now are made belts) can interact with moisture, which skin provides. Given that the plastic strap with friction increases the temperature of the skin in the area of contact, we can assume that this temperature may be enough to soften the material of nylon strap. We also know that the commutation of synthetic materials is a partial destruction in the chains of organic molecules of polymers. Many polymers are exposed to the process of depolymerization of the allocation of monomers, some of which are at a sufficient temperature and contact with water can produce toxic substances. Example monomer polystyrene - styrene. From microdoses styrene suffers heart, it is also embryogenic poison Styrene has a strong effect on the liver, causing among other things, and toxic hepatitis. Theoretically, we can assume that the belt is in contact with skin and if hot and humid air can create small doses of these compounds. That's why I chose a strap of non-synthetic material. Its old, but really comphortable camera strap.

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Taken on January 9, 2010