Logos London 2012 “Things that make me go Hmmm”
What brought my attention to this awful logo initially was that it did not function as a brand (logo) it had an odd proprietary font, bad typography, extra characters and placement was strange.
It almost resembled a Japanese “Tangram” puzzle.

However, once I started to look at it as a puzzle it started to make sense. At least to me it makes sense. If you print out the original style logo cut out the shapes and put it together, the cut out paper pieces you are presented with,you can form the numeral 9. Two towers with what could appear to be a plane flying into them (forming the number 11) and other pieces form the Pentagon.

Other people look at this and either think I am nuts or a little too Dan Brown (Da Vinci Code).

If it wasn’t only the original logo that bothered me, I would say it might be coincidence. Just maybe.

Looking at the Paralympics made me even crazier. It was like being give more puzzle pieces.

viewing imagess of the logos deconstructed and reconstructed in layers.

Comments Please

Rebbe Lation

I have also been told that there is too much manipulation of the logo and
that I am making it what I want it to be. In response to that I say you can’t
stick a square peg in a round hole.
I have yet to totally solve what I believe to be a solution to the Paralympics
logo (puzzle).
I have been able to form a shape of the Statue of Liberty and fit one of the
other pieces geometrically around the platform of the statue on Google
Earth model.
Notice this is not a common star pattern and this one piece fits all the way
around touching the statues base precisely at the corners and fits like a
puzzle piece. If it were any other shape it would not work! (in the logo)
What are the chances of all these coming together in two logos and
meaning nothing? It needs to be confronted. I tried a few years ago and still
try but no one sees it or gets it.
You also will notice the first character resembles the Embassy Suites hotel
in the Paralympics logo. Using Google Earth fly through the roof of the 3D
model, you will find a picture gallery of the 911 aftermath built into the
structure of the virtual model on the inside walls. (see the images) No other
Models have this characteristic or feature. Why is it there?
The Embassy Suites is located across from WTC and if you view the cross
section provided you can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance.
These are what I simply call “Things that make me go Hmmm”
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