• Historical Haji Pir Pass (slightly above 9,000 ft above sea level)
  • Aliabad Forests
  • Hallan Janobi
  • Hallan Shumali


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A view of Haji Pir Pass from Kahota-Soli Road Tehsil Haveli, District Bagh. My village is about 4 km short of this point.

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  1. Aawara 109 months ago | reply

    brautiful ... !

  2. meansmuchtome 109 months ago | reply

    You live in a beautiful area you are so lucky to be the son of the mountains.is there any sort of protction for Aliabad forests which are not more than two or three mountains as i can see.Or They absolutely free for cutting.

  3. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 109 months ago | reply

    Aqib: these forests are now being protected by the Forest Department. They are a bit strict on forest conservation side. And Aliabad Forest is not only what you are seeing in this photo, there are many layers/ridges of these mountains on the right side which are densely forested, but not visible from this place. I have pictures of that area also which I shall upload soon.

  4. Mike Pedroncelli 109 months ago | reply

    Beautiful colors.

    (Art in Nature)

  5. Tailer's Family - journeying! 109 months ago | reply

    Really beautiful scenery mbukhari.

  6. Vaeltaja 109 months ago | reply

    Wonderful landscape. Do you ever have snow?

  7. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 109 months ago | reply

    @Vaeltaja:this area receives snow fall regularly through the months of December - February. The mountain tops receive on average 10-20 ft snow whereas the valley recieves 2-6 ft snow every year.

  8. CeeCeeDotCa 108 months ago | reply

    beautiful scenery!

  9. pakvolume 106 months ago | reply

    Beautiful Place, I also visit Kashmir, My favourit place of your Native Village, specially Kiran, Bedori. From Bedori i see indian kashmir pir panjal,
    If you have pir panjal pics please upload on you account. I have Pir Panjab Range Pics, but from India side not Pakistan side.

  10. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 106 months ago | reply

    @pakvolume; my name is muzaffar - may i know your name?

    are you the one - khalid's friend, whose pictures he has been uploading on his flickr page?

    yes i have the pictures of Pir Panjal as seen from AJK. some of them are already on flickr, i shall send you the link, and some of them yet to be uploaded, and i shall do it on priority.

    can you please upload the full version of your icon picture, i am very surprised, as it is very much similar to kelseri of neelum valley, and you are saying that it is in Swat. plz upload it as early as possible. thanks.

    I have also been to Bedori about 13 years back, and it is one of my favourite places. And just for your information, that pir panjal is not only visible from bedori, it can also been seen from (Shero Dhara) Lasdanna, Mehmood Gali, Narian Sharif and Devi Gali (Near Trardkhal), Ganga Top, and Pir Kanthi Top near Bagh, and even from Ayubia, and various other points on Murree - Kohala road.

  11. pakvolume 106 months ago | reply

    Hello Muzaffar,
    My name is Adnan Khan:

    I know, but very clear view of pir panjal from Kiran and Bedori
    Check the link of Ushu Valley on Khalid Bukhari flickr account.


  12. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 106 months ago | reply

    Hi Adnan:

    Thanks, i have seen it. Yes, it is Ushu valley, but it amazingly resembles to Kelseri, Neelum Valley.

  13. pakvolume 106 months ago | reply

    Have you pics of Kelseri Neelum Valley, If you have please share with me, because i have visit to neelum valley, but i don't know about this.

  14. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 106 months ago | reply

    I did extensive photography of upper neelum valley in early, mid, and late nintees but unfortunately, i have lost all those during a house shifting exerciese in muzaffarabad. however, i would try to see if i could find a picture of kelseri.

    For pirpanjal pictures, kindly see this link
    other you can see in my Folder of Murree where few panoramic pictures are there. on those pictures left side snow-clad peaks are from pir panjal range.

  15. meansmuchtome 106 months ago | reply

    Pakvolume:First your pictures are not your own and secondly you are discussing abput my picture of Ushu valley and it was yours.
    Muzaffar:I permitted Khalid Bukhari to use my pictures on flickr with his own titles considering his to be your younger brother but now Pakvolume has uploaded many pictures of my friends and he is even not accepting that he has done this he is continuously saying that picture belongs to him.Aside this i am doubtful if he ever been to Neelum valley or not.becuase if a person can say one lie he can say many as he wants to his heart content.PAKVOLUME: Shame on you whoever you are i can permit using my pictures but i cannot permit using my friends pictures with your own labels i am very sensitive in case of friendship.
    Pakvolume you have never been to Indian held Kashmir i guaranted as your most of the pictures are available on trekearth too.Now face me MR and answer the questions

  16. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 106 months ago | reply


    Welcome back to flickr. Were you out on some expedition?

    Well; about this controversy of which picture is whose, i guess there may be some confusion. Firstly, lemme tell you frankly I don't know directly Adnaan (pakvolume). He is a friend of my younger brother Khalid and has been known to him for the last three years. Adnan may himself clarify his positon/point of view on your allegation.
    As far as I can think (being a positive person) that it happens quite often, that a famous spot is photographed by many people at different occassions, and it might be difficult to tell which picture was taken by whom. May be it is the same case here too. It is very much possible that the picture of Ushu Valley you are claiming to be yours. could have been taken by both of you from the same spot, that is why you think that it was yours. Please always consider this before outrightly announcing any decision.

    Anyways, Adnan is the best person to respond to your allegations.

  17. pakvolume 106 months ago | reply

    Heartkins:First these all pictures mine and you used my picture, why you use my pics on you account. Dear Main pehlay bee bata chuka hoon k main nay sirf Khalid Bukhari to permission dee thie k wo mery pics upload kar sakta hai, because main uss waqt flickr use nahi karta tha, ab main nay K Bukhari ko keh diya hai ka wo mujah say poch kar mery pics use karay. Lakin jab main flikcr par dekha k mery pics kuch orr loog bee use kar rahay hain to main nay Khalid Bukhari say phone par baat ki uss nay kaha k yaar main nahi k kuoon tumhari pics use kar raha hai.
    Mr. Heartkins, please be careful next time don't used my pics on your accout.
    Anyway. if you wants use my pics please mentioned credit by photographer.
    Kuoon Pakistani ho kar Pakistan ka naam badnaam kar rahay ho.

  18. ksbukhari 106 months ago | reply

    Heartkins: Please don't use others picture on your account, yeh burry baat hai. I know Adnan Khan last 3 years. He worked at same company MMP. He is son of Army General.

  19. NotMicroButSoft (Fallen in Love with Ghizar, GB) 106 months ago | reply


    On the face of it, this seems to belong to Awara (Imran), and hearkins (Aqib) has given credit of this to Imran in the description part. The difference of color is attributed to post-processing in photoshop or any other software.

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