S Is For Silver Surfer

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    When the planet-consuming Galactus threatened to destroy the idyllic planet of Zenn-La, the astronomer Norrin Radd struck a deal with the seemingly omnipotent space-god. In exchange for the well-being of his planet and those he loved, Radd would serve Galactus as a herald, searching the galaxy for new planets for the world devourer to feed upon. Accepting the terms of the agreement, Galactus infused Radd with a portion of the Power Cosmic, transforming him into the Silver Surfer. A noble and conflicted soul, the Silver Surfer eventually betrayed his master and became a hero.

    This four and a half inch action figure was produced by ToyBiz in 1994.

    Part of my Letter Of The Law series.

    Photo submitted to the Flickr group Macro Mondays for the "Songs from the Rolling Stones" theme, referencing the song "2000 Light Years from Home."

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    1. ANVRecife 45 months ago | reply

      awesome pov. Great tones as well

    2. -Gareth- 45 months ago | reply

      Great shot JD!

    3. Uzzi is Awesome 45 months ago | reply


      Concept 10/10
      Surfer 10/10
      Background color 10/10


      Your welcomed to visit my latest upload

    4. misst.shs 45 months ago | reply

      Love the angle! HMM!

    5. ecatoncheires 45 months ago | reply

      ... great work on the lighting here!

    6. reintjedevos 45 months ago | reply

      Wow... Wonderful Macro... Love the bokeh on his chest.......
      Seen in the group" MACRO MONDAYS (please check weekly theme)" ( ?² )

    7. Fairy_Nuff 45 months ago | reply

      Goregous shot!

    8. Jon Downs 45 months ago | reply

      very cool shot!

      Happy MM!

    9. Wildman 60D 45 months ago | reply

      Outstanding setup and colors. Great shot.

    10. Light Echoes 45 months ago | reply

      You make a cheesy action figure look fantastic!

    11. Ryan Wolf 45 months ago | reply

      Beautiful shot, JD!

    12. JD Hancock 45 months ago | reply

      PegaPPP: I'm glad you like it. Thank you!

      Oly_Demon: Thanks!

      DodogoeSLR: Truthfully, I'm not much of a Rolling Stone fan, but when I stumbled across that song title, I knew what I had to do! ;-)

      Paloetic: Thank you! It took a lot of trial and error for me to finally land at this angle. ;-)

      flickrfanmk2007: I don't think I ever read much of the Silver Surfer when I was a kid. With the Marvel stuff I was more of a Spider-Man fan.

      bunnyfrogs: Thank you!

      Gobble Monster: Really? I kinda like him! ;-)

      ANVRecife: Thanks!

      -Gareth-: Thank you!

      UzziDaMan: Thanks for your enthusiastic scoring system! ;-)

      misstshs: Thanks! Happy Macro Monday to you too!

      ecatoncheires: Thank you!

      reintjedevos: I'm glad you like it. Thanks!

      Fairy_Nuff: Thanks!

      Jon Downs: Thank you. Happy Macro Monday!

      Wildman XTi: Thank you so much!

      Light Echoes: I'm glad you think so. As in the Fantastic Four? ;-)

      Ryan Wolf: That is nice of you to say. Thank you!

    13. Soleil is me. 45 months ago | reply

      Greeting from Bangkok, your image is a piece of art for today:) Please exhibit your art at:-


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      Today do you tell someone you love him/her? :)

    14. JD Hancock 45 months ago | reply

      Soleil is me.: Thank you for the invitation!

    15. Jo Ban 45 months ago | reply

      I love the light, background and colours!

    16. hero-haven 45 months ago | reply

      A cosmic moment well displayed JD, the Silver Surfer is for me the icon of intergalactic space heroes, a Shakespearian tragedy on a surfboard.

    17. JD Hancock 45 months ago | reply

      Jo Ban: Thank you!

      hero-haven: "A Shakespearian tragedy on a surfboard." Oooh, I'm gonna have to steal that one. ;-)

    18. actionfigurefury 17 months ago | reply

      Great Photo, I am having a photo contest on my site and I would love if you would come enter. Come stop by and check it out. Action figures and other toys only!

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