1983 I'm Surrounded By Idiots Pin

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    "I'm Surrounded By Idiots"

    I wore this pin at Strickland Junior High in Denton, TX as I entered my teenage years. It was funny and at the same time inaccurate. I actually spent most of my time with peers who were clever, motivated, and decent people. As it turns out, I was surrounded by winners.

    This is one of many curious items collected in JD's House of Miscellany.

    1. HelloImNik 72 months ago | reply

      Then I should have had this badge, I actually was surrounded by idiots!! Nice one!!

    2. wintersoul1 72 months ago | reply

      Do you have the nerve to wear it?

    3. JD Hancock 72 months ago | reply

      photomequickbooth: Heh. Thanks! ;-)

      wintersoul1: Could I see myself possibly wearing it? Sure, but it would be in a playful way.

    4. chemical girl 72 72 months ago | reply

      Well how very honest of you. I trust you dont wear it now?!

    5. JD Hancock 72 months ago | reply

      chemical girl 72: I haven't worn it in years. However, even back then people always knew I meant it in jest. I am sarcastic at times, but not mean-spirited.

    6. chemical girl 72 72 months ago | reply

      Hey JD, please don't get me wrong. I never meant to imply you were mean-spirited, I too was saying it in jest.

    7. JD Hancock 72 months ago | reply

      chemical girl 72: No worries! I did not take it wrong at all. I enjoy your comments very much! ;-)

    8. chemical girl 72 72 months ago | reply

      Thank goodness for that. I wont need to go into Flickr silence then;-) Keep up the good work then JD:-)

    9. indrarado 43 months ago | reply

      here is another one!

    10. JD Hancock 43 months ago | reply

      indrarado: Oh noes! ;-)

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