"Bismarck" Class Heavy Interdictor

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    A heavy battleship for space operations, the Bismarck class was commissioned with fleet on fleet actions in mind. Designed to trade punches with the best ships of the line, the Bismarck class has far outlived its original lifespan expectations, and still sees service today.

    3x twin-linked heavy beam turrets (2 forward, 1 aft)
    2x twin-linked medium pulse beam turrets
    6x anti-ship torpedo tubes (4 forward, 2 aft)
    16x SMART warheads
    4x tracker light railguns

    At 104 studs stem to stern, this is my first microfig scale SHIP! Inspired by Mike & Mike, both of whom are far better at this than I am. Yoder's use of technic skeletal structures was a big help to making this thing as big as it was, and Szita's aesthetics were crudely copied by me as well.

    Design elements inspired by the Salamis-class cruisers from the Gundam UC timeline and maybe a little Space Battleship Yamato (full disclosure: never seen that anime, just pictures online).

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