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I can't recall why we thought this was a good picture! Possibly some pun about riding the waves?


Oddly enough, I never overheated in this costume, in spite of some of the beach picnic days being scorchers! Never got sunburnt either.


Apart from the pane in front, which I could open for extra ventilation the usual 'chimney flue effect' that I built into the helmet seemed to keep me cool. A vent in the top of the helmet (disguised as a pressure relief valve) lets warm out out, drawing cool air in through vents at the neck. I've taken advantage of this effect in several costumes, and only had to build electric fans into a couple of the more extreme ones.


Obviously I didn't take this piccy meself. I'm ninety percent sure that my friend Gail Adams probably did.


This picture was published in a Dutch language handbook where it was (I think!) used to illustrate a point about style errors or somesuch. What a hoot! It's also been used on the cover of a U.S American band's CD (Six Foot Model), and keeps popping up in other locations.


Here's a Science blog that embedded it (with permission) in a post about deep thinker Freeman Dyson....


And, of all things, a Mayoral election in Bangkok, where a blogger asked permission to use it to encourage people to get out and bicycle to the polls....


And another blog feature about Strange Deep Sea Diving Suits...


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Taken on February 1, 2006