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...It was billionaire industrialist Tony Stark's OTHER addiction that inspired the colour scheme for his most famous Iron Man specialty armour...




In the Marvel Comic limited series Iron Man: Hypervelocity #5 of 6 it's suggested that Tony Stark got his colour scheme for his armour from his elementary school colours.


Fair enough! They'd know. But a while back I saw a terrific picture that fellow Iron man fan ElDave posted in his photostream:




(Ta ElDave, this one's for you and your Invincible Iron Legion!)


Anyway, that got me wondering where Tony REALLY got his signature colours from.....


Well, okay, ya got me. It's supposed to be red & gold, but, strewth, what's a variant foil cover between fans, y'know? That's the eternal decision that faces us Shellheads, yellow or gold?


Well, until they make metallic M & Ms (or I spraypaint some gold!) for the sake of the gag it's yellow, mm'kay?


I suppose, to be patriotic, I should have used Smarties, the chocolate treat that pre-date M & Ms, that have been popular in Australia since the 1930s, and upon which the U.S candy is modelled. Somehow, Iron Smarty doesn't quite have the same ring to it.... ;)


Anyway, my sculpt of an Iron Zombie action figure proved a little more complex than I initially thought, the Super Sculpey not being tough enough to articulate without breakages I've had to make moulds of my sculpture and am casting it up in strong thermosetting plastic. So, while I'm pottering away with that I wanted to build something that would take a little less time and this is what came to mind.


Bemusingly, I know precisely how much time it took to sculpt Iron M & M since I whipped him up whilst watching an episode of the new British Robin Hood series, a fantasy time travel show called Life on Mars and a cracking good documentary on Atheism by the courageously rational Richard Dawkins. So, around two and a half to three hours, all up. Since I didn't need to articulate this wee bloke, the Sculpey was perfectly up to the task. Yes, I know Tony doesn't have his moustache and eyebrows on the outside of his face plate! It's a caricature, right?


Painting took a bit longer, since I used the Humbrol range of model kit enamels, which I thought would adequately replicate the toy/chocolate candy gloss that I wanted.


Yes, the back is detailed, and I even got carried away with the boot jets, but you'll see that in another photo soon.


The biggest problem with the photoshoot (which I wanted bright and comically lit) was making sure that nobody ate the bloody M & Ms (me included!). As it was, I ended up with one less red one than I needed to spell out TONY STARK, but then, that's what Photoshop is for, eh? Of course, I can stop eating these things any time.

Any. Time. Soon. Justonemore. 'N one after that for the road.....right?


Now, I wonder what a War M & M Machine would look like done like this? Hmm!


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Uploaded on June 3, 2007