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"The universe is driven by the complex interaction between three ingredients: matter, energy, and enlightened self-interest."


Ambassador G'Kar, Babylon Five




Well, here you go. A picture of me in my Babylon Five Ambassador G'Kar costume.

I think this was taken at a Queensland (Australia) convention called "Parliament Of Dreams" which is when I first wore this costume in the 1990s.


If you've been following the photoset you'll know the mask is made from latex rubber, pulled from a plaster mould based on a plasticine sculputre I did.


When this photo was taken I was still developing the final make-up plan for G'Kar's distinctive 'spots'. There's not much shading evident in this application. Pity, but this particular application on the day was for 'walking around' rather than stage wear.


My costumes tend to evolve over time even as I wear them to conventions and other events.


Yes those are red contact lenses, and I must say they do give you a particularly rosy view of the universe!


The tunic is based on a very singular mixture of leather and vinyl, along with all sorts of fabric scraps and other recycled items. I very much liked B5 costumer Catherine Adair's orginal costumes but I really wanted to put my own stamp on my costume by my choice of materials and processes, as I often do, rather than boring myself to death creating an exact replica.


So I've done lots of dye airbrushing on the leather and used coloured and glitter loaded hot melt glue for additional decoration. Some of the leather trim I've embossed using punches and hammered chain mail rings to give a reptilian hide effect, a favourite technique of mine. There are polished stones glued directly to the costume that hopefully further the 'organic' look.


Lots of pieces of painted and dyed trim and lace. There's also some tie-dyed faux fur, brushed with fabric paint loaded with glitter.


I'm quite partial to mixing and matching bits and bobs from my various costumes so those furry, studded sleeves actually belong to one of my suits of Klingon armour.


Not entirely sure who took the original picture that I modified, but thanks! (It's often hard for me to tell, as I tend to get given a lot of copies taken from similar angles...hint: please write your name on the back of the picture! I'd love to give you credit...)


I've removed the original mundane background of course...some of the Narn landscape is a texture lifted from a New Zealand paua shell.

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Taken on May 15, 2007