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    Armed to her fangs K'Tanya the Klingon Teddy roared her defiance, "For Beartle come to ME !!"

    Grrrrr !!

    ---------------------------------------------------------------------- ----------

    What can I say? My interest in "Brideshead RevisiTed" and "Star Trek" intersected in the 1980s and the rest bearly makes sense even to me!

    I ended up going bearserk over the idea of teds in a Science Fiction and Fantasy context for a time.

    Though I promise you I drew the line at those bloody "Star Wars" Ewoks!

    The props are from my action figure collection but the mail coif/headdress I made myself. Mum gave me the bear!

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    1. flikr ages ago | reply

      Lovely :)

    2. zero g ages ago | reply

      Thanks beary much flikr!

    3. lensjockey™ ages ago | reply

      I think this would make a totally rockin poster. I can see little girls with it in their rooms ha ha. It's so perfectamundo!
      Ewoks are grotesque. I was very dissappointed with that develpoment. I could never take Lucas seriously after the Ewoks. The first movie is a masterpiece though.

    4. zero g ages ago | reply

      Ta lensjockey, though I would hope that it would only be the tuff 'lil gals who'd have it on their walls....Kim Possible, Atomic Betty, Buffy, young Xena and so on.... :)

      Yep. The first Star Wars film is fine, and I kinda liked the second as well. After that, well.... (Makes a crash-diving gesture with his hand.)

    5. zero g ages ago | reply

      Ta for the fave **Fanch**

    6. zero g ages ago | reply

      Ta for the fave russell street cutie crew!

    7. Elwyn / Elwynsattic ages ago | reply

      I want one, complete with "beartleth"!

    8. zero g ages ago | reply

      Each Klingon bear must earn their own beartleth Elwyn.... :)

    9. grl_interrupted ages ago | reply

      adorably lethal! love it :)

    10. zero g ages ago | reply

      Unbearably fatal! Ta grl_interrupted.

    11. zero g ages ago | reply

      Ta for the Bat'leth tag ArcherPhoto. I don't believe that I missed that one! :)

    12. lapinfille 120 months ago | reply

      Oh Teddy!!!! I can't bear it-it's too grizzly.

    13. zero g 120 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave lapinfile!

      "Teddy!!!!" Yes, she is Theodorable.

    14. zero g 119 months ago | reply

      Beary well squeakybear! Ta for the fave!

    15. Dan Harrod 118 months ago | reply

      hahahah awwww

    16. zero g 118 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave Dan Harrod!

      Now, y'see, that's the Klingon Bearserk's greatest weapon. Everyone laughs at them, goes 'awww', and then when you bend down to pat them they go for the throat!

    17. zero g 108 months ago | reply

      Cheers for the fave Wasting The Dawn

    18. zero g 104 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave xx mitch xx!!

    19. zero g 103 months ago | reply

      Thanks for the faves:



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