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Sometimes the most Starkly simple puns take me the longest time to create a sculpture for!

Take this little bit of horseplay, for example, which revolves around the Marvel Comics character Iron Man and his secret identity, billionaire industrialist super genius Tony Stark.

It started with one "My Little Pony" type plastic toy, found in the local Opportunity Shop for fifty Aussie cents.

Add about a week's worth of sculpted Iron Man armour made from the two part epoxy putty, Milliput. Dye the mane and tail red. Paint the wee little beastie....

Oh, and then add accessories sculpted from Super Sculpey...

A nosebag full of yummy micromachine Nanoats....

A tub for refreshing oil.....

And a hi-tech hover-grooming brush
(suggested by Bethany over at the Advanced Iron, Iron Man fansite; ta Beth!)....the brush itself used to be for toothy pegs.

I've shot the picture against a small fern amidst some nicely scaled ground cover using natural daylight filtered through some overhead laserlight plastic.

"My Little Tony" stands about 8cm tall, er, that's half a 'hand' at the withers!

With the paint job I was trying for a 'worn toy' look, with a little bit of the styling of a chess piece.

Yes, the visor hinges open, as you'll see in the next picture.

Funny, everyone who sees this combo in the flesh picks up the grooming brush and has a go....

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  1. Johnson Cameraface 89 months ago | reply

    Ha, nice work! Great detail, and puns too!

  2. zero g 89 months ago | reply

    Ta very much Johnson Cameraface, good to know it's generating a few horse laffs!

  3. zero g 89 months ago | reply

    Why thank you scandaldancer.

    I was particularly pleased to find such a grand shrubbery just outside my door. Sometimes you don't have to travel far at all to find beauty!

  4. zero g 89 months ago | reply

    Cheers for the fave *beans!

  5. GingerbreadGirl II 89 months ago | reply

    You just made my Ex's 6 year old grandaughter cry ...

    You should be proud of yourself. LOL

  6. pointybunny 88 months ago | reply

    My new favorite character

  7. zero g 88 months ago | reply

    Ta for the fave Ginge. So, the six year old fears the this, there is no need for apology.... ;)

  8. zero g 88 months ago | reply

    Thank you kindly pointybunny. Alas, I fear there are Iron Legions of these things yet to be born!

  9. zero g 88 months ago | reply

    Cheers for the fave Bread.B !

  10. milky.way 87 months ago | reply

    ha, ha, ha!!!
    this is too funny!!!

    great work, as always

  11. zero g 87 months ago | reply

    Ta for the fave EmonXie!

  12. zero g 87 months ago | reply

    Thanks very much milky.way, I sometimes wonder how these jokes translate but obviously they do since you're laughing all the way on the other side of the planet! :)

    I'll probably have to slow down a little as I have to move house soon.... *sigh*.

  13. milky.way 86 months ago | reply

    well in Italy My Little Pony is known as Mio Mini Pony,
    the italian words for Tony and Pony are the same as in engish so it's been easy to understand the joke :o)

    please keep trying me on new jokes! :o)

    Seen in my recent comments. (?)

  14. zero g 86 months ago | reply

    Mio Mini Tony! LOL, that DOES sound funny milky.way!

    You know, we sometimes wonder if Tony Stark might be part Italian, because his mother was named Maria. Unfortunately we do not know what her maiden name was.

  15. zero g 86 months ago | reply

    Thanks for the fave soj11man !

  16. zero g 85 months ago | reply

    Ta for the faves:

    Эмыли Mapxc,



    Cheers mateys!

  17. Tatooine92 79 months ago | reply

    Oh. My. LORD. XD

    My Little Tony... That's brilliant, just BRILLIANT. The more I look at this, the more I love it. I'd like to see the rig fly. That's four repulsors, one for each hoof, right? Oh, man. *chuckles* I needed to see this today. This = love.

  18. zero g 79 months ago | reply

    Thanks Tatooine92! Yup, there be hoof mounted repulsors alrighty.

    I do intend to make him, er horsefly, but am waiting until I get time to create the secondary sculpture I need for the photoshoot.....

  19. zero g 72 months ago | reply

    Cool of you to say so leinestein, ta!

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