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    Having scoured all life from our universe Galactus awaits the next cosmic cycle so that he might rise to feed again.


    Created by Jack Kirby and Stan Lee for Fantastic Four Comic #48 Galactus is one of the major characters in the Marvel Comics universe.

    Originally an alien from a previous cosmos, he survived the Big Bang and was reborn as a gargantuan meta-powered super being who, alas, requires the life energy of entire planets to sustain himself.

    Planets like...Earth!

    Which of course has thrown him into conflict with Earth's Mightiest Heroes on numerous occasions.

    Anyway, he's always been a favourite character, and I was immensely chuffed to aquire the action figure, which had to be assembled from bonus bits included in a recent Marvel Legends Series figure set. I've got lots of cosmic powered ideas for this one, so stay tuned...


    This shot was done at night. I used a super bright red L.E.D for the primary lighting, as well as an ordinary desk lamp for some backlighting to help define the piece.

    Lots of photoshopping in the background. The 'green' difference clouds spoke to me (though in what language I'm not sure!) because I was trying to suggest a new born universe... Galactus has just been born from an egg on a recently formed mountaintop on some freshly coalesced planet..

    He's going to want his brekkie...

    I've added some dust elements to suggest a bit of activity as well as fledgling stars, some directional lighting and the obligatory camera flare.

    The rocky debris is hydrocal plaster that's gotten a bit dampish, it makes wicked rubble! I set it up on a board that I angled into the sky so I could pull a suitably isolated background plate to work on. Even had the moon in some earlier shots, but it was too fuzzy to keep. Had a lot of trouble with the wind blowing the plaster away, and after the shoot we had this huge storm...mock Ye not the Fate of Galactus!

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    1. zero g 97 months ago | reply

      Ta Julio Giacomelli...and of course all due respect to the original sculptor of the toy, who did such a fine job on the sculpt!

    2. zero g 96 months ago | reply

      Ta Apel Lad, for the comment and the fave!

      It's only right that Galactus should fill Life with awe, since Galactus fills up on Life!

    3. Metaluna B [deleted] 96 months ago | reply

      Do you think he chews with his mouth open?

    4. zero g 96 months ago | reply

      Sure, I bet he has atrocious table manners. Why not? It's not like there's anyone left alive to correct him. Actually, I don't think there's a set etiquette for devouring planets?

    5. zero g 94 months ago | reply

      Ta darkbeans! Really, the Big G is the center of the next F.F movie?
      Strewth..that's great news!

    6. zero g 91 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave psychebloke!

    7. zero g 89 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave nemo_434!

    8. EltonHarding 86 months ago | reply

      Nice creative shot! Come join Top 20 Action Figures.

    9. zero g 86 months ago | reply

      Thank you kindly EltonHarding.

      Galactus will enjoy consuming the life energy in your group.

      Await the arrival of my Herald.....

      Resistance will be irrelevant.

    10. Fried Toast 86 months ago | reply

      Great setup and execution!

      Seen in Top20 Action Figures

    11. zero g 86 months ago | reply

      Thank you kindly Fried was a fun shoot!

    12. kingkong21 85 months ago | reply

      Hi, I'm an admin for a group called SUPER VILLIANS, and we'd love to have your photo added to the group.

    13. zero g 85 months ago | reply

      No worries kingkong21. Tremble, for Galactus comes !!!

    14. zero g 83 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave milky.way!

    15. zero g 74 months ago | reply

      Ta for the fave freshflapjax ~!

    16. zero g 73 months ago | reply

      Cheers for the fave jcabrer!

    17. zero g 69 months ago | reply

      Thanx for the faves:

      Cat Juggling,



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