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G'day Folks,


This is me wearing my peacock feather cloak, which was inspired by the one that Sean Connery wore as the Immortal Swordsman Juan Sanchez Villa Lobos Ramirez (Crikey!) in the movie "Highlander". I've also seen similar items made by Pacific Islanders for assorted Grand Pooh-bahs.


The cloak has fifteen hundred feathers incorporated into it. It took around three years to collect enough feathers.


I began by purchasing stock from a cleaning supply shop in suburban Footscray which imported them because they thought they might make novelty 'designer dusters'! Didn't fly, so they sold them off as decorator items. I passed by the shop daily on the bus and filed the information away in my head against the day I had a need for feathers. Always pays to keep your eyes open!(Especially if you've got hundreds of them, like a peacock.) After I exhausted that supply more feathers came from a local lass who owned several peacocks and was willing to sell a bundle of feathers from their annual molt. The average peacock has in its train about 200 feathers so I eventually decided that I needed to find a larger supplier.


I plugged into a specialist company in Sydney which charged by size rather than weight for postage.


As I've pointed out many times, no peacocks were harmed in the production of this garment. The birdies shed their feathers annually and regrow them.


This picture was taken by my partner Gail Adams.


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Taken on March 13, 2006