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FAB 1 - Thunderbirds Car built by Ford for the 2004 movie. | by Gordon Calder - 5 Million Views - Thanks!
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FAB 1 - Thunderbirds Car built by Ford for the 2004 movie.

In the 2004 live-action film, Thunderbirds, FAB 1 is still seen to be pink and powered by a six-wheel drive. Its glass canopy is tinted, and it is now capable of flight in addition to travel on land and sea. FAB 1's boot panels open to expose the gas turbine engine prior to flight, and the wings extend from the undercarriage. During flight, the rear set of wheels folds into the main vehicle body to prevent unnecessary drag. The passenger compartment doubles as a life raft in the event of an emergency at sea; buoyancy tanks hidden in the body panelling ensure that the compartment remains afloat after it has broken away from the rest of the vehicle.

Ford Motor Company supplied the prop, which was a heavily-modified, 11th-generation Ford Thunderbird. The Ford vehicle was fully functional and roadworthy, and appeared in a segment in the British motoring TV series Top Gear, in which it was road-tested by James May. May noted that it was not the most practical of cars, mostly due to the excessive length that made it difficult to drive through small English villages. The FAB 1 used in filming is currently displayed at the Heritage Motor Centre in Warwickshire.

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Taken on September 3, 2013