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    I think Embry's heading out of Louisville Metro Animal Services tomorrow for a new career as a detection dog. They usually don't take pit bulls, I'm told, but something in Embry's mix has imbued her with the obsessiveness of a border collie. Today that obsessiveness was focused on denuding a tennis ball!

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    1. tammyjq41 73 months ago | reply

      What a gorgeous pu and this shot is awesome

    2. yellerbear(animal_artist88) 73 months ago | reply

      ah wow, hope they take her, too many people think they are no good dogs, just vicious killers and it's not true at all. She's a cutie

    3. outlier* 73 months ago | reply

      They did take her. I think Embry will enjoy her new life.

    4. Flint-Hill 73 months ago | reply

      Good for her. I'm always sad for pit bull puppies. I've only known a couple of pit bulls and they've been sweeties. I guess they're hard to adopt?

    5. indee• 73 months ago | reply

      all these whities!!!
      happy for Embry.

    6. yellerbear(animal_artist88) 73 months ago | reply

      that's wonderful! I'm sure she will be very happy

    7. .n i c o l e. 68 months ago | reply

      i love your pictures! they are so entertaining to look at :)

    8. veritech007 42 months ago | reply

      she's working in Iraq

    9. outlier* 42 months ago | reply

      I hope that's not true, but it could well be.

    10. veritech007 39 months ago | reply

      oh it's true, trust me, she's in Iraq

    11. veritech007 39 months ago | reply

      send me your email address

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