This is silly and wrong. No. Sorry. This is silly and illegal.

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    1. The Sun and Doves 80 months ago | reply

      First - and Final - notice. I got rid of them. I'm issuing a series of complaints against Lambeth. I might make all the correspondence public, as it unfurls. It's tedious and time consuming.

    2. The Sun and Doves 80 months ago | reply

      1) the last installment of 2009 / 10 couldn't be paid because there was no money in January.
      2) while Lambeth kept saying the bill MUST be paid by April or they would take action they eventually offered and 'arrangement' whereby it was paid in 6 installments up to October 2010.
      3) Lambeth forgot to send me a letter or email about the 'arrangement' although I asked to have the arrangement put in writing
      4) I forgot to set up a standing order - because I did not get any form of written communication about the arrangement and I forgot to chase Lambeth up about it - Ok Ok to I'm not perfect, I'm busy.
      5) So the next thing I know about payment is the bailiff knocking on the door.
      6) No liability order served
      7) No other indication that it was going to the bailiff.
      8) Once it's gone to the bailiff, Lambeth's (verbal) policy is not to take payment from the offender/accused/guilty party because it is the harassed individual's responsibility to pay the bailiff. And the bailiff's fees. And 'we cannot tell the bailiffs to stop action once they have been instructed' ('we incur costs when we instruct bailiffs' etc etc
      10) The bailiff's fees, I couldn't help but notice, were £588.00 on a debt of £2,980.00. A bailiff is by law entitled to charge £15 for their first visit and 1% of the total amount outstanding, plus reasonable fees for having a van outside and stuff like that.

      Anyway it's a long story and I got rid of them without paying any bailiff or surcharges. TWATS.

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