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Riley ELF MK II 1963 (0515) | by Le Photiste
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Riley ELF MK II 1963 (0515)

Manufacturer: Riley Motors Limited / British Motor Corporation Limited (BMC), Longbridge - UK


Engine: 998cc straight-4 (by Cooper)

Power: 41 bhp / 5.250 rpm

Speed: 122 km/h

Production time: 1962 - 1966

Production outlet: 17,816

Curb weight: 670 kg



- It's a variant of the original Mini, designated by Leonard Lord as project ADO15 (Amalgamated Drawing Office project number 15).

- The Riley ELF, as well as the Wolseley Hornet stablemate, were simultaneously introduced in 1961.

- Built as more luxurious versions of the Mini (a higher quality of interior trim and more external chrome), both the ELF and the Hornet had longer, slightly finned rear wings, distinctive fronts and larger boots that gave the cars a more traditional three-box design.

- The interior has a full-width wood veneer dashboard.

- It has a four-speed manual gearbox (floor lever), frontwheel drive, one SU carburettor and drum brakes (twin leading brake shoes on front).

- In May 1965 an Automatic transmission was introduced.

- The ELF and Hornet were the first "Mini's" to feature roll-up windows (1966), face-level ventilation, remote gearchange linkage and deleted external door hinges (1966).

- As in early pre-war models, the ELF was the sporty version.

- The noticeable difference between the Elf and the Hornet is the front grille.

The Hornet has a badge at the top on the grille, which is illuminated with the lights. The Elf does not have this illuminated badge.

- Sir Alec Issigonis, the designer of the original Mini, was "not amused". He thought it was terrible.

- There were three series between 1961 and 1969:

* MK I: 1961-1962 / 848cc / 3,522 ELFs / 3,166 Hornets

* MK II: 1962-1966 / 998cc / 17,816 ELFs / 16,785 Hornets

* MK III: 1966-1969 / 998cc / 9,574 ELFs / 8,504 Hornets

* 30,912 ELFs in total

* 28,455 Hornets in total

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